Inspiring Kitchen Colour Schemes

kitchen colour schemes

There are no bad colors, just bad color combinations. Get decorating ideas for choosing a kitchen color scheme that works for your style. This contemporary kitchen gets its fresh, clean look from a pastel color scheme.

Via casa 

kitchen 14 colour schemes

kitchen 2 colour schemes

Love the colors of gray and orange together. Why not paint your kitchen in happiness with bright orange? Orange color adds fun and flamboyance to the kitchen room.

Photograph: Juliano Colodeti, MCA Estúdio/ Rodrigo Azevedo Fotografia

kitchen 3 colour schemes

I’m also a fan of the color turquoise! Try color combinations like turquoise and mocca.  This color scheme works best in a modern kitchen with simple, clean lines.

kitchen 4 colour schemes


Give your kitchen a retro look with red and yellow color scheme.

kitchen 6 colur schemes

Turn a tired kitchen into a vibrant upbeat space with a red and white colour scheme.

kitchen 7 colour schemes


kitchen 8 colour schemes

A modern sleek kitchen, where you can notice the power of yellow.

kitchen 9 colour schemes


kitchen 10 colour schemes

From pistachio green to vibrant chartreuse, the color green can give any kitchen a fresh face and a new attitude.

kitchen 11 colour schemes


kitchen 12 colour schemes

Blue is the color of relaxation. It is the color which gives the feeling of calmness, coolness and freshness.

kitchen 13 colour schemes


kitchen 16 colour schemes

Bringing purple into your colour scheme will give your kitchen a sense of opulence. Purple color shades are stylish and work well for kitchen cabinets.

kitchen 17 colour schemes

Purple kitchen designed by Maurice Padovani.

kitchen 18 colour schemes

Some of the smartest looking kitchens around are based on neutral and classic colour schemes. The right colour scheme can make all the difference to your kitchen.

Susan Gilmore


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