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Innovative Storage Facility for a Studio Apartment

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Have you ever moved into a studio apartment and found out that there was no storage space available? Well Swiss interior designer, Till Könneker discovered a brilliant way to create a storage facility known as “The Living Cube”. With the help of two of his friends, he was able to design and produce a unique piece of furniture. It combines an external storage section with an inner storage enclosure and a loft bed on top. Here is a brief description of this creative design project.

Studio Apartment. The room is a small studio apartment that measures about 100 sq. feet. Its walls are painted white to give it a spacious look. Three chairs are placed in the central portion of the room with a small plexiglass/acrylic coffee table as center piece. 

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Living Cube Concept. The living cube is the unique storage unit created to accommodate a large collection of vinyl records, a 42” television set, a clothes rack and a section for arranging about 11 pairs of shoes. This is what you see when you stand right in front of this uncommon piece of furniture.

compact small studio apartment 2

Front Shelves. The shelves are made of dark stained wood. They are divided into about 16 sections. 12 sections can be used to neatly arrange books, CDs, DVDs, files or vinyl records as the original designer has done. These 12 sections surround a portion where a flat screen TV with a maximum diagonal measurement of about 48” can be placed conveniently. The other 4 sections are used for arranging wears. The uppermost clothes section can be used to store folded clothing. This section has a clothing rack immediately beneath it that can be used to hang at least 10 to 15 jackets. And then there are two shelves below for keeping shoes.

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Ladder. At the right hand side, there is a beautifully crafted ladder that can be used to climb up to the loft bed. It blends beautifully with the entire living cube.

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Loft Bed. The loft bed occupies the topmost portion of the cube. But it is so well designed that it does not resemble the typical dormitory bed. It accommodates a thin 3” mattress which can be used for relaxation or sleep.

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Walk-in Closet. The inner portion of the living cube has a walk-in closet. To enter this section, you need to use the door right next to the ladder. Different items can be stored in this inner section. Aluminum frame racks are placed within the inner closet to allow for easy storage and retrieval of items.

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That was a brief description of the living cube, an innovative, multi-purpose, piece of furniture designed to maximize space in a studio apartment.

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