Industrial Spacious but with Trendy Glamour

elegant contemporary gray 4 interiors

This is a stylish apartment situated very close to the popular DUMBO area of Brooklyn in New York. It has a trendy and attractive interior design. Every part of this home, which has been put up for rent, has a unique and captivating atmosphere.

Steel and Wine

Brooklyn’s industrial hide has undergone a significant transformation. It now has a more modern and trendy outlook. But if you go down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass (DUMBO), you will still see the popular structures of the industrial age. For instance on Water Street, 2-bedroom homes built with cement on steel, high ceilings, and wide-eyed windows, proclaim the legacies of the industrial era. Water Street is decorated with artistic fixtures, hide throws, and luxurious furnishings that demonstrate the highly skilled craftsmanship employed in putting together the artistic glamour of DUMBO. In addition, you can get a panoramic view of Manhattan and the East River from this citadel of art.

Relics of the Industrial Age

Innovative natives of New York City are your hosts. They are the pioneers of both spatial and aural industries. They have lived in DUMBO for many decades; they truly love and cherish it. For many years, they have toiled to create a cozy and unique home in Brooklyn’s industrial park.

Elevator doors open to usher you into a unique home on Water Street. There are picture windows, two-floors high that provide a very airy atmosphere. Get your engines cooled in the lower floor, where the living room, smoke grey kitchen and the dining area are situated in a loosely woven pattern. Relax at the end of a shift on the Dunbar sofa, warmed by the sun. You may even dine like a rich steel tycoon in the bright city lights or with the illumination of a chandelier made of smoked glass.

Move up to the upper floor and see the cozy, dark colored enclave filled with books. There are several captivating views that can rev up a long day dream. At closing time, take a warm shower in the master washroom made of stone and steel. Then retire to the compact steam gray bedroom which has its own terrace that can lead to the open air. It’s a perfect place for the steel merchant to view the motion of the industrialized city.

elegant contemporary gray 2 interiors

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elegant contemporary gray 4 interiors

elegant contemporary gray 5 interiors


elegant contemporary gray 7 interiors

elegant contemporary gray 8 interiors

elegant contemporary gray 9 interiors

white bedroom with contemporary art

teenage rom with skate boards

teenage rom with skate boards 2

gray contemporary bathroom with wood furniture and art

gray contemporary shower

gray contemporary shower with art

bathroom deor

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