Incredible Traditional Yet Functional Interior Design Ideas

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If you know something about interior design, you might have already heard about traditional interior design. After all, it is gaining increasing attention.

M + M stands for Martin and Meardon.  Leslie Martin and Kim Meardon are sisters who are passionate about creating homes rooted in traditional design yet feel current and approachable.  With nine children between the two of them they are always keeping in mind that a home can look incredible and still remain functional. 

Traditional interior design ideas

What is a traditional interior design?

Traditional interior design’s inspiration takes from 18th and 19th-century European decor, particularly the French and English traditions. Despite what the name might suggest, there’s nothing predictable about this style. The incorporation of classic art, antiques, and history makes it a timeless and original choice for giving some character to your interiors. With its open spaces and characteristic kitchen islands, this style is going through a well-deserved massive revival.

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The style is not overly fancy, but current designers often incorporate bold color and contemporary pieces to create attractive hybrids.


What are the elements of traditional interior design?

This style strives for harmony and order, intending to create a calm space with symmetry and consistency between the pieces. The traditional decor relies heavily on dark and warm tones, usually on the neutral side, which help confer the characteristic sense of peace. The style also incorporates textiles such as heavy cotton, wool, silk, and damask in neutral colors.

Elements of traditional interior design style include the addition of fine ornament details, rooms aimed to be comfortable and familiar, and the pairing of furniture objects to increase the sense of harmony. Rooms often have a focal point, usually a fireplace or a large oil painting. Additionally, the use of accessories such as chandeliers, candle holders, and materials like gold, silver, and china contributes to adding opulence without looking too “rich.”

Designers sticking to the traditional style might add wallpapers in subtle patterns and floral or damask motifs.

What is the difference between classic and traditional design?

Classic design tends to be more formal than traditional styles. Both decors try to incorporate antiquities but do so differently. While traditional interior design includes pieces inspired by the craftmanship tradition and minimal style, the classic design incorporates carved details and fancy patterns. Both decors rely on dark and warm tones. However, the traditional style is more open to blending with modern and contemporary design. On the other hand, the classic style, focusing on the value and wealth of material, is not as easy to hybridize with contemporary pieces.

What is modern traditional interior design style?

Modern traditional interior design is a blend of rustic, traditional decor, and modern design. Some of the main characteristics of this style include humble finishings, warm and spacious rooms, and refined attention to detail. It is currently one of the most popular home decor styles, and there are reasons for it. This style is more casual and familiar than the “classic” traditional one. Some of the main elements include a long wooden table for gathering in the kitchen, simple and neutral bare walls, “white on white” decorations, spacious glass doors, and impressive lighting. Who wouldn’t fall in love with it?

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