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An Incredible 3-Hour Home Makeover

An Incredible 3-Hour Home Makeover

Can a 3-hour visit of a designer bring so much impact to a house? You would think that it is too short, especially for a one-bedroom apartment. However, for the case of two magazine editors, Adam Rathe and Garret Munce, their Brooklyn Apartment is what it is today because of a designer’s consultation that lasted only for three hours.
The Designer’s Touch Makeover

When Adam and Garrett moved into this one bedroom apartment in Brooklyn, they were not as impressed as such with the previous design. However, it took them a whole year to think of consulting a home interior design professional, Ariel Feldman.

Ariel helped Garrett and Adam to refurbish their home and make it as spectacular as possible. Surprisingly, it took only three hours for Ariel make things happen and transform the apartment. With her knowledge and skills, she helped them set up a modern space that is both relaxed and appealing.
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The major refurbishments

The mood and style of the whole house have been altered. However, the wall gallery was one of the major areas that were modified. Both editors are involved in art; Adam deals with culture while Garrett covers fashion. For that, the wall gallery has been designed to feature a different taste of art including sketches and photography.

Other than the wall gallery, Ariel also suggested a rustic look, which included the antique rugs from Garrett’s grandma, the sculptural armchair, along with the angular coffee table.

Ariel also recommended the inclusion of plants, which saw the two bring in a small urban garden that adds glamor to the house. The plants are plenty, and they come in a different variety to create an outdoor ambiance in the house.

Even though they already had books in their collection as magazine editors, the designer helped them to utilize them to create an appealing look. The books are stacked on various shelves and cabinets in the living room, and the furniture is comfortable enough to allow them to read their books in a quite mood. There are plenty of plants and candles that make the space even more relaxing.

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The bedroom too features some taste of art, where hand painted artwork hangs on the wall. The stylish nightstands are also eye-catchers, which help to beautify the room. Also, some plants are included near the window to throw in the outdoor feel.

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In just three hours, Ariel worked along with the magazine editors to come up with a simple, but classy design. The apartment utilized the natural light, along with a rustic feel, which is psyched up with artwork and plants all around.

Images: HOMEPOLISH, Photography by Nick Glimenakis

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