Il Pezzo 8 Dining Table

Il Pezzo 8 Dining Table

A sparkling forest of legs support a majestic block of wood with strong, lively outlines.
Il Pezzo 8 is a collection of colour, shape and materials you can loose yourself in. It is romantic, sinuous and light and at the same time solid, rich and imposing.
The tabletop, with its organic shape, is made of 7 cm thick solid walnut. The choice of the wood grain alignment is done with great care to create flowing veins and colours throughout the top. The top is sanded and left as nature made it so to appreciate the beauty and flow of the wood. The final treatment is done with natural oil that protects the wood but at the same time lets it breathe and leaves the extraordinary feel of this beautiful natural material unchanged to the touch.
The legs are sand casting. The shape and shine contrast with the metal’s strength and its special crafting process in which we find all the smelter’s skill melted into his work.
A small brass cylinder inserted in every piece, containing serial number, seals the authenticity and uniqueness.

Il Pezzo 8 Dining Table 2

Il Pezzo 8 Dining Table 3

Il Pezzo 8 Dining Table 4

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