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How to Spot Fake Friends

Human lives are based on social connections. Friends are like a lifeline for us. We can share our happiness and sorrow with our friends. Friends can make us happy. They will support us whenever we are feeling low. Some friends act like they are your true friends but they are not interested in friendship. They only want to take benefit from you. These kinds of people are toxic and they will leave you when you need them the most. We call these people fake friends. It is really hard to spot this kind of person. Here are some fake friends signs that you can use to spot fake friends.

They have no commitment

Your friends will always keep their commitment. If someone says that they will be with you at a certain time, they should be there. There can be an emergency at one time which will not allow them to come. If your friend is not keeping any of their commitments, you should be aware because it can be a fake friendship.

You will never be easy with them

Being with friends is enjoyable. People will feel easy with their friends. Friends will be comfortable to accept you as you are. When you are with fake friends you will never feel easy. You will feel like they always judging you and they are trying to get the maximum benefit from you. Fake friends and real friends are the opposite.

They want to make drama

True friends will talk about many things. A person who truly wants to be with you will try to understand you and avoid making drama and gossips. A little gossip is fine but when most of your talk is about what someone else has done wrong, should raise a red flag.

They always find ways to disconnect

True friends will keep in touch with each other. Fake friends want to disconnect whenever they do not need you. When people need you, they will try to call you. Once their work is finished, they will not reply to your messages and they will avoid your calls. If anyone doing this with you you can understand that it is a fake friendship. You should check fake friends background as he must have done the same with someone else also.

Saying bad things when you are not around

A good friend will not say bad things about you especially when you are not present there. When someone wants to correct you, they will ask you to meet them in private and they will tell your mistake to you. When you are facing a fake friend situation, the person will tell your mistakes to everyone especially when you are not present.

They are only sweet when they need you

A fake friend is usually more well-behaved and sweeter than real friends when they need you. When they do not need you, they will become harsh and they will try to avoid you. If you find someone who is always in a fluctuating mood with you while his mood is straight with others, he is a fake friend.

They will prefer others always

Fake friends will never prefer you. When you are standing in a gathering, they will try to talk to others but not you. If you want to spot a fake friend, you should look at the face of the other person when you are happy. If your happiness makes your friends sad, they are fake.

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