How to Make a Small Bedroom with Low Ceiling Look Larger and More Beautiful

How to Make a Small Bedroom with Low Ceiling Look Larger and More Beautiful

Do you think your ceilings are too low that they make your small bedroom appear a bit cramped? With a little ingenuity, creativity and some knowledge on interior design, you can give your room a larger and more elegant appeal – even if your ceilings are not as high as you want them to be. These interior decorating techniques are just what you need to spruce up your room and create an illusion of space and height.

Image:  interior design by Nu interieur | ontwerp, and shot by Holly Marder of Avenue Lifestyle and Houzz contributor, found on lolalina

light colors or metallic for your ceiling

1. Stick to light colors or metallic for your ceiling.

You are probably aware of the fact that light colors make any room appear brighter and more spacious. In the same way, painting your ceiling white or in any light shade will give it a roomy appeal. As a bonus, white ceilings illuminate the entire room, so there is no need to invest in several light fixtures, except for accentuating or highlighting certain areas. If you are not crazy about white, though, you can always go for a neutral color, one that matches your wall (as long as your wall is also in a lighter shade), or a metallic hue such as bronze, silver, gold or nickel. The idea is to make your ceiling at least one shade lighter than your wall, so it emphasizes the wall while adding some height to your room.

Image: Urrutia Design

small bedroom with high shelves
Guest Room Amethyst West Elm bedding with Ikea Ekby Shelves at

2. Install shelves that are set at a higher level than usual.

Another way to fool the eye and make your ceilings appear higher than they are is by putting up high and vertical shelves. This piece of item offers a lengthening effect to your room, and you will even have ample storage space to keep your things instead of stuffing them at random areas in your already-small bedroom. You may even consider some minor home improvement projects to further highlight the illusion of a higher ceiling such as putting some raised windows or door openings.

Image: Tidy Mom

romantic small low ceiling bedroom with stripes

3. Decorate your walls with vertical paneling.

Paneling adds a cozy feeling to your room, and it is worth going for vertical designs whether it may be for the panel or vertical stripes on your wall. For instance, if you think having white ceilings and white walls look completely dull and boring, then you can pair up your glossy white ceilings with walls painted with vertical stripes. This combination is not only adorable and unique, but you will love how it makes your ceiling appear not that low anymore. Just think about the combination of colors to use, and be sure it is not overwhelming or inappropriate for the room’s theme.

So, start preparing your shopping list and include these tools and materials that can make a small bedroom with low ceiling appear stunning and more spacious with these simple and practical tips.

Image: Interior design by Meg Braff, Photograpy by James Merell for HB

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