How To Get Chocolate Out Of Clothes

Chocolate is an essential element in our lives. It is a common delicacy in our daily routines at work, home, or vacation. Unfortunately, chocolate can spill on our clothes and stain them. Ever experienced a chocolate spill on your favorite garments and wondered how to get chocolate out of clothes? Here we provide a step-by-step guide on How To Get Chocolate Out Of Clothes.

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How To Get Chocolate Out Of Clothes

Remove Excess Chocolate from Your Cloth

You need to remove the excess chocolate from your fabric using a spoon or butter knife. This is the first step you take when chocolate spills into your clothes. Here you need to be careful when scooping the excess chocolate to ensure it doesn’t spread to other areas of your clothing.

Ensure the chocolate is removed immediately before it creates a bigger mess by spreading to other parts of the garment or drying on your cloth. Dry chocolate stains may require a lot of time and effort to clean. It is difficult to remove dried chocolate from your clothes as peeling it away may destroy the fibers of your clothes.

If the chocolate has already hardened on your fabric and removing it will cause damage to the cloth, you can put your clothing into a refrigerator for approximately 15 minutes, then peel it away using a knife or spoon. For liquid chocolate, remove the excess using a paper towel or a clean piece of cloth.

Rinse The Stained Cloth with Cold Water

Rinse the stained part of the cloth in a sink with cold water. Ensure you rinse the back of the stained part with cold running water to ensure the chocolate stain is loosened. Allowing the water to flow directly on the back of the fabric will remove most of the chocolate particles from your fabric. It also prevents the chocolate stain from spreading to other parts of the cloth.

Avoid rinsing your stained cloth with hot water to prevent the chocolate stain from chemically bonding to your cloth. Hot water may accelerate the setting of the stain permanently on your cloth.

Treat Your Stained Cloth Dishwashing Liquid Detergent

Carefully cover the area affected by the chocolate stain with the liquid detergent. Here you need to pour your laundry liquid detergent directly on the stain. Use a soft toothbrush to spread the detergent into your fabric’s fibers. Let your garment sit for around 10 minutes.

Soak Your Fabric in Cold Water

Ensure you soak your cloth in cold water for 15 minutes. While the fabric is still immersed, you should gently rub together the sides of the stained parts to loosen the stain. Alternatively, you can rub the stained part between your fingers every five minutes to loosen the chocolate stain. Repeat this process until the stain is completely removed or until when you no longer see any change. Rinse the stained part and wash as usual.

If The Stain Persists, Treat The Stained Part with A Stain Remover.

Apply the stain remover on both sides of the stains to loosen it fully, then launder the cloth normally using a washing machine or manually. Use a little color-safe bleach during the regular washing to preserve the color of your garment. Check the area to ensure the stain is completely removed before drying. For white garments, use regular bleach to launder the cloth. Air dry your cloth to ensure all the stains are removed.

Repeat the process if the stain persists, or take the cloth to your dry cleaner.

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