How Can I Make My Kitchen Look Country?

When considering a kitchen remodel, it’s not uncommon to think about adding a little bit of country appeal to your new space. The main goals of a country kitchen are to create a warm inviting space that feels well-loved and lived in. In this article, we will take a look at a few design elements to help you emulate that country style in your own home.

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How Can I Make My Kitchen Look Country?

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Patterned Accents

Starting off our list of ways to make your kitchen more country is the use of patterns. Many country homes will have patterned curtains, placemats, and seat cushions that add to the cozy appeal of the space. You may immediately think of patterns like florals and plaids to add to your space. But there are a lot of other choices you can make. The main thing to look for is warm patterns that allude to some aspect of country living. Materials with animals and outdoor scenes, as well as more subtle options with checks and stripes, can all be used.

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Choose White as a Focus Color

To help your chosen patterns stand out, you can make the focus color of your space white. Many country kitchens will use this formula of bright accept patterns. White walls keep space looking light and airy. Just because you are using white doesn’t mean it has to be plain. You can choose beautiful light-colored backsplashes like white subway tile to add subtle visual interest to your space.

Regardless, choosing white as your base color will set you up for success.

white and grey country kitchen with Glass-Front Cabinets

Glass-Front Cabinets

Another common trick in country kitchens to make your space seem bigger than it is is glass-front cabinets. While the addition of this feature into your kitchen will require you to maintain a well-organized storage system, it will also give your space a more open feeling. It also helps to fulfill another common trait of country kitchens, making your kitchen feel lived in. To accomplish this, it is common practice to have everything on display. When you have people over, you don’t want your space to feel cold and sterile, but warm and inviting.

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country kitchen with Reclaimed Wood island

Reclaimed Wood

Reclaimed wood can be used in a variety of ways to add some country appeal to your space. Cabinets, tables, or countertops made from reclaimed wood can all add a beautiful warm hue that will invite people into your kitchen. An added benefit of reclaimed wood is the lower cost and reduced environmental impact that comes with the material. You can buy reclaimed wood for a fraction of the cost as it would cost new, and as it is a recycled material you are helping keep it out of a landfill. Another great way to add reclaimed wood to your space is by adding decorative wooden support beams on the ceiling.

In whatever way you choose to incorporate it, adding reclaimed wood is a great way to increase the country appeal of your space while reducing the cost of your remodel.


Antique Accents

A major staple of any country living space is the presence of antique objects. Whether you unearth these items from a box in your basement or hit the nearest antique mall, the right pieces can help add to that country feeling in your kitchen. Items to look for can include antique pitches, metal serving dishes, and smaller appliances like tea kettles and coffee pots. These can be items you use, or for simple kitchen decor.

You can also take this a step further by seeking out traditional features like a farmhouse sink to add to your space. No matter how big or small the accents are that you find, they will be sure to add some country flair to your kitchen.

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We hope that going through this article helped you gain a few ideas on how to bring that country feeling into your kitchen. Whether you are going for a complete remodel, or just looking for a few accents to add to your existing space, there are plenty of ways to add a little country flair. So get out a pen and some paper and start thinking about how to brighten up your space today.

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