House in Kiev by Sokruta

contemporary living room by sokruta

Technically, contemporary interiors are rooted in the here and now of the moment, representing a radical diversion from the conventions of traditional décor. When it comes to contemporary designs, less is more. Ornamentation is replaced with smooth profiles, colorful prints with subtle or solid patterned fabrics, and big collections with minimal accessories. Contemporary designs may not have the exuding warmth of older design styles, but they do not cast a cold wave either.

Most people make the mistake of using the terms “modern” and “contemporary”  interchangeably, but the fact is they are not the same. Modern is a particular design movement that came about in the early 20th century and follows strict guidelines. Contemporary, by definition, is more fluid and tolerates a little flouting of the norms. It places a strong emphasis on line and form, which are the basics of good design. This provides energy to contemporary decorating style. Rooms in contemporary homes have abundant open space and natural light which gives them an airy and expansive look. The lack of clutter makes every piece count.

Homes with contemporary interior design may have a joist, decking or wood structures, but their highlight is that they have a hybrid element to them. If the structure in a modernist house is exposed, it is reflective of the elements of order and clarity, but they may contain a disjunction which hints at a different mode of thought. In short, there is a kind of departure from order. The form does not follow structure with unusual intersections and accommodations.

The house in Kiev designed by Andrey Sokruta is simple, but has complex elements in the detailing, lack of proportion in some places and overlapping ceiling panels that are too playful to be modern. With angular islands and propped extensions in the beds and tables, the minimalist finishes have certain variations in their surfaces. The surfaces of contemporary interiors may be white and flat, but the overall effect is sculptural.

contemporary living room by sokruta 6

contemporary living room by sokruta 3

contemporary living room by sokruta 4

contemporary living room by sokruta 5

contemporary interiors by sokruta 4

contemporary interiors by sokruta 5

contemporary interiors by sokruta 3

contemporary interiors by sokruta 2

contemporary kitchen by sokruta 2

contemporary kitchen by sokruta 3

contemporary kitchen by sokruta

contemporary dining room by sokruta

contemporary bedroom by sokruta

contemporary bedroom by sokruta 2

contemporary bedroom by sokruta 3

contemporary bedroom by sokruta 4

contemporary bedroom by sokruta 5

contemporary bedroom by sokruta 6

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kids room by sokruta

kids room by sokruta 2

kids room by sokruta 3

kids room by sokruta 4

kids room by sokruta 5

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