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contemporary minimalistic interior design

Having a teenager in the house is a transitional phase for both parent and child, and there has to be room for tons of adjustments at this point in time. Teens nowadays tend to have modern thinking and keep up with the latest trends, fashion, lifestyles, and are further developing their own sense of style and preferences. But then again, the adolescent is bound to grow up so soon. What are parents of a big family to do when there’s two of them to handle? It would be a great idea to create the best environment for them where they will be most comfortable, in each their own room which would allow them to enjoy their privacy. They get what they want, and at the same time stay in line with their parents’ idea of a nice dream home. This was exactly the undertaking of designers Sivak & Trigubchak in this task of creating the interiors of two teenager bedrooms and bathrooms with a generous 250 square-meter area.

Both rooms have been made fresh and modern to suit the teenagers, with everything they need within reach. The colors were made neutral to fit a young girl or boy who will be no child in the near future. Calm grey and beige tones look pleasing to the eye, without anything overly decorated, colorful, too bright nor flashy that would elicit childishness.

The first one has a tall bookshelf dividing the sleeping area and entertainment space. Beside the bed, a computer sits on the long desk that follows the contour of the plain walls, and right behind it are the windows draped with light curtains. The TV rests on a wall-mounted wooden shelf with organized books and vases on the side, facing the comfy couch with a framed shark image in the backdrop.

The next room has the bed set across the study desk, amidst the wall arriving in alternating wooden brown and white shades. Large windows let natural light enter during the day while floor and desk lamps make a cozy ambiance at night. The couch is set amidst a textured brick wall with framed flower designs hung on it.

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The bathroom has two of each, lengthy mirrors, rectangular wash basins, towel holders on either side, with a glass shower area and a nice bathtub. White, grey, and beige shades are likewise observed in the surroundings.

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The minimalistic interior design is evident throughout the rooms with all contemporary accents exhibiting simplicity and geometric forms. Still, the spaces are far from looking boring as what any teen may think if a place is too dull and uncool like what it would for the typical adult. The two bedrooms and bathrooms have met the teenagers’ idea of the perfect room, while it likewise serves the conservative views and taste of their parents, correlating both perspectives in one home sweet home.

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