The Highrise Apartment

contemporaru highrise apartment interior

Space, space, and more space is what this roomy apartment by Fertility Design offers. The taupe-beige toned theme throughout the living space is quite interesting. It’s neither neutral nor is it a hollow shade. It’s rich in sentiment and but also versatile and easy to work with. For example, the dark turquoise, greenish-blue colored wing back chair complements the beige tone in the living room beautifully. It adds that bit of panache to make the room come alive.
The bare floor in the living room is softened with a plush accent rug. Innovative design is apparent in the trunk used for a sofa table, while the geometrically shaped coffee and cocktail tables are practical and great for setting magazines and other objects that need to be reached easily.

Additionally, the position of the balcony makes the space appear infinite. The room has a great view and it seems to go on forever! A balcony is like another room for an apartment and when it has a fantastic view, nothing can top the elation one feels viewing the world from such a standpoint.

Behind the dividing wall lies a hidden area that functions as a comfortable office area. A low-back chesterfield sofa, compact storage space, wall shelves, a standard sized desk works perfectly together to create an office that’s functional and versatile. This room can easily turn into an entertainment room. A large window lets through natural light, while the evening is illuminated with candles, a desk lamp, or suspended lighting. The long glistening wooden table is artistic and brings dimension to the entire area. It’s a magnificent work of art that keeps the area intriguing and down-to-earth.

The dining area is meticulously decorated and carries forth the beige-taupe theme. Simple yet comfortable, the eating space is perfectly organized and just enough to have guests over to enjoy a delicious meal. Glass designed suspended lighting in various shapes adds an interesting touch bringing the conventional style décor into balance with a modernistic feel.

Exposed beams rest beautifully on the high ceiling in the wooden designed bedroom. A cozy, relaxing atmosphere helps one to sleep better and the décor in this sleeping area is meant for comfort and a good night’s sleep. A cushioned Louie 15th structured chair gives the room a parlor feel. The textured, multi-hued long curtain and beautifully draped curtains at the window adds warmth and depth to the space. It’s a non-fussy, functional sleeping area.

This apartment is for easy living. Perhaps a busy executive lives here, a high-powered couple, or maybe it’s a corporate apartment? Whoever makes use of it will certainly enjoy its simplistic yet comfortable décor and magnificent view! contemporaru highrise apartment interior 2 contemporaru highrise apartment interior 3 contemporaru highrise apartment interior 4 contemporaru highrise apartment interior 5 contemporaru highrise apartment interior 6 contemporaru highrise apartment interior 7 contemporaru highrise apartment interior 8 contemporaru highrise apartment interior 9 contemporaru highrise apartment interior 10 contemporaru highrise apartment interior 11 contemporaru highrise apartment interior 12

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