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A Happy Bohemian Home That Inspires

Happy Bohemian Home interior

In 2014, blogger Manon Valesca Maria envisioned creating an online place for relaxation. Having somewhere to stop along your path to take a deep breath can keep you right on track towards a beautiful journey. Not only did she come up with a great site, but poured her inspiration into her home!

The interior is perhaps what you might expect from the creator of Kenyan handicraft Naramatisho. Still, you’ll be captivated with the light that shines through, both from her very own works of art and her beautiful rainbow family. This is one place you’d want to stay for at least a short while.

Her home is brimming with positivity, uniqueness, and warmth from nature’s elements. Plenty of greens would be an understatement! There are different kinds of plants and small trees in attractive pots and vases. Fascinating species of cacti in all shapes and relatively small sizes grace the wall amid the elegant white stairway.

The thick, rustic wooden beams perfectly contrast the white ceiling and walls that are lined with incredible masterpieces. Rectangular, square-shaped, rounded, contoured and carved artwork above the long couch make up one awe-inspiring living room display. The various designs, patterns, linen, textiles and textures blend well with hints of brown in light or dark shades.

Mismatched dining chairs with each its own exquisite form make up the dining table. Manon’s family also shares a nice meal, savoring their food and time together sitting on a picnic blanket with a backdrop of potted plants. The kids’ area holds many adorable things, from the wooden toy to the globe surrounded by plantlife, the elephant statue and one-of-a-kind rocking horse.

Light curtains and tall windows let natural light in, making the home even more pleasant. Generous seating offers a very welcoming place, where finely crafted chairs are laden in cozy throws and frills. Big and little handmade creations altogether complete the happy home’s setting.

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Via happy interior blog / Photography: Manon Valesca Maria of The Life Traveller

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