Hanging Nests From Heaven

Kodama Zomes hanging zest bed

What’s better place is there to hangout than outdoors, under the warmth of the sun or beneath the soft glow of the moonlight? Would you prefer sitting or lying on picnic blankets, sunbathing under a pool lounge chair, swimming and walking barefoot in the sandy beach? At night, would you care to build a bonfire, dance and party with full-blast music, and sip some cocktails? There are times when there’s nothing else we want more than to unwind, sit back and relax on our favorite couch! Now, it’s quite possible with the most recent innovation of a fascinating outdoor hanging bed.

Imagine yourself relaxing on a soft and comfortable sofa that’s almost magically suspended in the air right in your own lush green yard, above the waters of the pool or beach, or underneath a strong and woody, flourishing tree! Enjoy the sheer enjoyment of having a private space right when you need it most. Read a book, have an energizing nap, or just savor the moment while you enjoy the beauty of nature and lovely ambiance within your outdoor bed.

Designed by Richie Duncan, licensed structural engineer, with his expertise along with the latest 3D engineering software and state-of-the-art materials, the Kodama Zome was crafted to perfection. The geodesic dome exhibits a powder coated steel structure, marine grade 316 stainless steel parts, and outdoor grade polyester webbing. It features a custom mattress, cushions in different colors of Sunbrella outdoor canvas fabric, various hanging accessories, and laden with a protective storage cover.

Kodama Zomes hanging zest bed 2

Share the fun and one-of-a-kind experience of an outdoor day bed and create memories with your loved ones. Spend time with your kids and have some quality time over the weekend. Catch up and chat endlessly with with your best friend. Couples can get cozy in this unique outdoor love seat. Feel it lightly swaying, gently cradling, and wrapping you both within a romantic evening!

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