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Gray Is The Interior Color Of Today

Happy Small Modern Apartment

How unique is unique? It’s a silly worded question, but when it comes to this apartment by designmira, it makes perfect sense. In the living room area, the first thing that catches your eye is the accordion wall design. It’s totally amazing! It’s the type of wall décor you don’t see everywhere, especially in homes. In most instances, you find this type of “unique” decorating in businesses or art galleries. It’s impressive and works well in this residence.

The color combination is unique as well. Rich gray cushioned chairs with multiple deeply rich hues like canary red, sunbeam yellow, and natural green on the accent carpet, all work beautifully together. It’s a fantastic combination that’s easy on the eyes.


Happy Small Modern Apartment 2

Actually, grey is neither black or white. Due to it’s barely there properties, the color is mostly invisible wherever it is used. It remains unto itself, but is ideal for deeply rich colors like plum purple to bounce off of. The multi-hued rug proves this point flawlessly. It’s trendy, fashionable, and impressive. Grey is the “go to” color when you want to make a modest statement via clean cut lines. The additional accents like the tripod director’s light, all come together and really sets the theme for the rest of the home.


Happy Small Modern Apartment 3 Happy Small Modern Apartment 4

The kitchen easily blends with the living room area, even though it is another world sharing the same ambiance. This area is stoic, clear, precise. It’s a practical area that is non-fussy. Outstanding furniture pieces include the progressive stools used as seating in the island area. A glossy white floor, white cabinetry, countertop, and backsplash, make this eating area surprisingly calm.

Happy Small Modern Apartment 5 Happy Small Modern Apartment 6

The sleeping area ventures into soft grey tones. Accent pillows make this room come to life. Deeply rich hues with interesting patterns are perfect to help deflect from the muted grey hue throughout the space. Unique art grace the walls adding to a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere.


Happy Small Modern Apartment 7 Happy Small Modern Apartment 8

The bathroom area, outside of the living room space, is the most dynamic area of the home. Though small, it emits a feeling of relaxation and tranquility. It’s a private space that is quiet and serene. It definitely holds its own in this extraordinary abode.


Happy Small Modern Apartment 9 Happy Small Modern Apartment 10

The entryway is another area that took advantage of the subtle grey shade theme. Things are kept simple as usual, with just enough practical extras to make the space useful.

Happy Small Modern Apartment 11

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