Gray Does It Again!

Gray interior

Try putting gray in the neutral category and you get a better idea of the versatility of this misunderstood color. This shade has more reach than you could imagine. There’s no doubt, gray is one of the newest hot shades in interior design and it won’t be going away anytime soon! Check-out the living room. Shades of gray are prominent throughout the color scheme. The ambiance is lucent and plush. In fact, you can sense the textures and smell the freshness just by viewing the photos! Once deemed too dreary for the interior of homes, gray has become a favorite of the best interior designers who enjoy the color’s versatileness and adaptability. 

There’s nothing like a comfortable living room setting decked out with fine furnishings and high on style. To add contrast, the dome shaped timbered and interlaced suspended lamp is a pleasant balance. It’s functional and enhances the overall layout. The stark white walls and sloped ceiling are the ideal backdrop and makes the space come alive. Yet the ambiance remains mellow and nonchalant.

A loft feel dominants the home’s interior space. Perhaps it’s the layout that gives it a Feng-Shui aura. It’s as if you can effortlessly glide from room to room. It’s completely uncluttered with designedly bare walls and pristine hardwood floors. Another element that adds grace to any gray colored scheme is green, as in nature. Nothing beats a bit of foliage to enhance neutral tones, especially with the ample glass doors letting in an abundance of natural light.

The steel-gray kitchen has a space-age feel. It’s forward-looking, probably beyond anyone’s 21st century taste, and compact. The hidden cabinets and drawers have a nouveau riche elan. The design incorporates a no-holds-barred vision of a futuristic concept that’s minimal and practical. The light charcoal-gray tone enhances the cutting-edge approach.

Leather works flawlessly with neutral tones, regardless of the color. It’s an essential complement to any neutral setting. Like the bronze hued leather stools and chairs in the dining area. It’s pleasing and modestly dynamic. The eccentric leather and timber accent chair is eye-catching and an interesting talking point and works beautifully with the setting. A shaggy accent rug enhances the texture and comfortability of the room. Ebony pendant lamps and console with gold emphases complete the svelte atmosphere.

The bathroom is practical and compact. White is the more prominent shade; however, gray remains a prominent attribute. Black marble tiles set the scene for a stand alone sink with gold features. The light gray tone in the bedroom area forms a laissez-faire mood. A balcony offers additional space with roof-top views and plenty of blue sky.

Gray exudes style, finesse, and discernment. In this home, gray has been given its just due, and beautifully so!


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Image: Lagerlings

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