Furniture Designs by Michael Young


Furniture Designs by Michael Young. Drawing inspiration from the automation and aviation industries Michael Yeung brings an element of the surreal to his designs.

Each piece is designed to be visually appealing from every angle. Much like a sculptor, Yeung designs his furniture with a view of howthe light will hit it and how it will cast a shadow of the piece in the room, accentuating each curve and line to have the most visual impact. Comfort and fuctionality is an integral part of every Michael Yeungs design, making each piece a fuctional piece of art.

vantage console by Michael Young

Vantage console.

menace desk by Michael Young

Menace desk.

silver desk
nowis chair by Michael Young

Nowis chair.

awesome armchairs unique design
titan armchair by michael yeung.

Titan armchair.

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