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Functional Loft Design

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Loft living is a distinctive experience. Lofts provide open floor plans, high ceilings, impressive windows, natural light, and room for creativity when decorating. This extended vertical loft is the perfect example of how one can decorate one space into differing sections with good taste. In keeping with the contemporary, industrial dynamic, this loft has maintained the exposed pipes by painting them white to match the walls and ceiling; thereby, preserving the beautiful flow of the space. The Eurostyle cabinets mixed with chrome seating, numerous textures like leather, neutral colored rugs, and additional accents turns the loft space into a cozy environment.

Without many dividing walls (only a glass partition and a wall to separate the bathroom), this loft and lofts in general, require a unique approach to decorating than the standard house or apartment. In this loft, zones are created with lovely furnishings. For example, the kitchen is clearly distinct from the living room area.

The living room area is recognized by the neutral hued sofa, console, curtains to camouflage a well-stocked bookcase, side table, and various other knickknacks. A small bathroom balances the living space fantastically. Though compact, a washing machine, sink and storage space, and ample sized shower, make the living space superbly functional and practical.

Glistening surfaces help to enlarge the loft space as well. French designed doors accentuated with a stunning high arch entryway, produces a grand aperture that extends to a patio area allowing whiffs of fresh air that gently moves throughout the space. Even the abrupt entryway allows for diversity as it connects to the larger doorway giving the space a unique but functional arrangement.
Sleek modern pieces do make an ideal foil for the industrial essentials of the majority of lofts. However, this loft has managed to instill a decorative style all its own. Simple decorative accents and furnishings that are exclusive but unpretentious gives this loft a stylized art nouveau look. It’s an homage to industrial architecture with a twist.

The space has been renovated; however, in good taste, much of the original aspects of the loft has been retained. In addition, the living area has been arranged at the end of the elongated space where residents can enjoy gazing at the length of the space that leads to infinity outside the wonderfully designed doors.

A common color scheme not only enhances the loft’s space, it keeps the space coordinated and easy on the eye. If you prefer a completely modern look in a loft, a newly restored loft space like this one is your best choice. This type of space offers many options while still retaining an authentic loft appearance.

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