Fresh Yet Warm Apartment In Barcelona

Interior design and decoration with the warmth of materials by The Room Studio.

In this 150 m2 house located in the Sarrià – Sant Gervasi area in the city of Barcelona, a partial Interior Design reform has been carried out and a total intervention in Decoration and Styling.

The main requirements were to obtain a timeless and functional home that was completely comfortable and lived in each of its corners. The selection of materials and pieces was looked at in detail creating a very warm and special environment. A main color palette based on neutral tones was used, where the touch of color is introduced through textile accessories and auxiliary elements.

In the day area, the living room, dining room and kitchen are connected, creating a diaphanous and open space. The aim was to provide the house with natural light, so the idea of compartmentalizing the rooms was removed. The kitchen area was completed with a island with a breakfast area and with full visibility to the dining room and living room. The corridor lacked practicality, so a wooden and fluted glass enclosure was included to obtain a room to locate the office and guest room. In this way, it is possible to bring natural lighting to the entire house.

In the night area there are: the suite room, the room for the little twins and the baby room. In the suite the dressing table was integrated into the cabinets, remaining visually homogeneous and with continuity. The double room was designed and made to measure seeking to take advantage of each space in the area, as well as that of the baby, always thinking about the evolution and stages of growth of the smallest.”

The three zones are connected creating a diaphanous and open space. A selection of materials and pieces creating a very warm environment. It was designed and made to measure seeking maximum functionality.

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