Fresh Bright Happy Minimalist Pearl Loft

Pearl Loft designed by Jessica Helgerson. In this project, the designer combined exposed bricks with beams creating an eye pleasing and smooth result.

Exposed bricks and beams are the essence of an eye pleasing and smooth Pearl Loft

This is what Jessica said about this current project:

The client for this project was hesitating as to whether she should move from her seemingly unfixable Pearl District apartment. The owner was inspired from another apartment Jessica’s team had redesigned in the same building. Instantly she decided to stay and transform it. She gave them just a few guiding adjectives and then let them have free reign. The result was a fresh, bright, happy, calm, space with a maximum amount of storage for a minimum amount of clutter. The apartment transformed to a true minimalist’s paradise. The theme of the house has Scandinavian architecture touches making it one of the most impressive contemporary houses.

A giant built-in sofa allows the host to welcome large groups of friends, and a cozy “rainy day nook” doubles as a guest bedroom. Of course this room welcomes the people living there the most. They can casually enjoy all the simple things in life. Like drinking coffee during their morning routine or reading a book in the afternoon.

The bedroom is entirely paneled, with storage behind all walls. A minimalist material palette and a display wall of storage and open nooks, allows our art-loving client to easily update and change the decor. With small changes you can change the whole outcome and purpose of the decoration.

The senior designer for the Pearl Loft project was Mira Eng-Goetz.

Why not invest in transforming your residence to a place you can live happily and relax. Home is the place we spend the majority of our free time, so we need to make it dreamy and cozy.

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