An Exquisite Small Apartment

Exquisite Small Apartment

Not too many people are excited about decorating an apartment. Reason being? Some don’t think it is worth the glamour, while others are limited to décor options due to the squeezed nature of an apartment. On the contrary, you can actually design the interior to make it look somewhat bigger and more welcoming. That is exactly what an owner of one apartment in Piotrkowska, Poland have done. The apartment is based at the center of the city, and the interior design matches the vibrant city life. 

The White Eden

When it comes to a home with a spacious outdoor space, many people choose the nature green color to create a welcoming atmosphere. However, the interior space looks glorious in white, and this home is a perfect example of such.

The house features a snow-white theme throughout. The walls and bricks are painted white, which matches well with some white furniture. Also, the owner has balanced the brightness with some gray-painted walls and doors in some sections of the house.

Compact and Cozy

The apartment is small itself, but that hasn’t stopped the owners from maximizing their décor options. The living room features one dark-brown couch, along with a simple modern coffee table. There is also a white rocking chair that goes well with the walls. A TV is mounted directly to the wall, and some framed wall hangings surround it.

Just next to the living room is the dining area, which comes with a simple white table with two wooden chairs. There’s a wall-mounted rack that is used as a bookshelf and for placing other small items. The bedroom is compact as well, though it looks bigger with the bright theme. A table lamp is included, which goes well with the white beddings and brownish pillowcases.

The kitchen is just next to the living room, and it features ceramic tiles in the counter area. The cabinets are white as well, and the black sink and faucet blend perfectly with the bright theme.

A Well-Lit Space

You wouldn’t have to worry whether it is early in the morning, in the middle of the day, or late at night. The space is well-lit, thanks to the windows that let natural light to flow in, as well as the light fixtures when it gets dark.

Even though this apartment is not as big as such, you can enjoy all the areas in it. The entryway features a customized stand that holds a green plant to welcome you to the house. The wooden floor is appealing as well, and the overall theme is welcoming enough. This is an ideal house for a single person or a young couple. Exquisite Small Apartment 2 Exquisite Small Apartment 3 Exquisite Small Apartment 4 Exquisite Small Apartment 5 Exquisite Small Apartment 6 Exquisite Small Apartment 7 Exquisite Small Apartment 8 Exquisite Small Apartment 9 Exquisite Small Apartment 10 Exquisite Small Apartment 11 Exquisite Small Apartment 12 Exquisite Small Apartment 13 Exquisite Small Apartment 14 Exquisite Small Apartment 15 Exquisite Small Apartment 16 Exquisite Small Apartment 17 Exquisite Small Apartment 18 Exquisite Small Apartment 19 Exquisite Small Apartment 20 Exquisite Small Apartment 21 Exquisite Small Apartment 22


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  1. miryam leiderman

    Bellísimo todo, me encantó, te felicito, solo que yo no entiendo inglés y a veces me cuesta con el traductor, si pudiera venir en espáñol, me gustaría más

  2. I am an interior designer and I often have to find creative ways to use space in small apartments. This section of your website has brought me so much inspiration and has helped immensely – Thank you!

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