Exposed Brick Walls Add Charm And Appeal

Exposed Brick Walls Add Charm And Appeal

Exposed brick is one component that enhances the character of any home. However, it only works in living spaces that create the right setting in order to pull it off. The living quarters featured here take the element of exposed brick and turns the concept into a warm, dynamic, comfortable environment. A home that can pull off this look with great designer style is unique to behold, and this home pulls it off flawlessly.

Most people like to admire exposed brick whenever they encounter it, and when it is surrounded with interesting furnishings, textures, and splashes of color, it manages to blend in beautifully whether the furnishings are contemporary, rustic, art-deco, traditional, or simply bizarre.

For example, the living room area of this residence by Studio RO+CA, is tinged with bright hues to offset the dark walls including the burnt colored brick wall. A violet floor cushion, bright egg yolk colored table, deep orange chairs, and mauve hued accent rug blend harmoniously, though these shades are not what most people would consider a balanced color scheme for interior décor.

This stunning apartment is all about merging contrasting ideas into an aesthetic balance. The kitchen resonates a strong vibe with a black wall and cabinets combined with stainless steel refrigerator, lovingly tempered with natural wood furnishings. This is a perfect example of how the emergence of contrasting ideas can radiate an aesthetic appeal.

Going through the rest of the home, the theme of modernistic furnishings and exposed brick walls work impeccably in the bathroom area. In a stark white setting, the brick wall stands out majestically without hampering the overall ambiance of such an important room in the home. In a way, the bathroom setup is reminiscent of an eco-friendly décor in an energy-efficient designed green home.

A very narrow corridor is highlighted with the brick wall theme while incorporating neutral tones of beige with a glass wall and door. The glass opens up the space making it appear less narrow and the natural hued floor balances perfectly with the natural stonewall.

The entire apartment has an open roomy feel about it, even though it’s on the small side. The seamless amalgamation of various furnishings coupled with richly hued accents flows from every corner. It’s certainly a well organized space that manages to look appealing in the most inimitable way.

A small living space can be as unique and stylish as you want it to be. All it takes are creative ideas, boldness, a good eye for balance, and the right combination of hues, and this lovely apartment does it with flair.

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