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Exclusive Magnificent and Unique Farmstead

gorgeous Farmstead

If you have a desire to live on the countryside, you probably want your home to have a country style with contemporary characteristics. This wonderful home includes all that and more! Distinctive, splendid, and exclusive this country home exudes style. Tons of modernized features bring country and modern together in a unique way.

Intriguing angles, refined furnishings, and beauteous materials are symptomatic of this attractively designed dwelling. With generous space and high ceilings, a large conservatory and integrated swimming pool, they all provide placid landscapes of a lush rural area. In fact, a conservatory is an enjoyable room to have in an interior, especially when there is plenty of space to work with. It’s like an oasis, a getaway within a home. This conservatory area is surrounded by a beautiful setting with a cobbled courtyard and broad spaces.

There are many stunning divisions in this home. Stylish concrete floors complement comely hardwood floors. An impressive fireplace, broad beams on the ceiling and against the walls, and plenty of windows to illuminate the rooms with natural light, all flawlessly merge to create a tranquil and warm ambiance.

The radiant living room area includes a stunning stone fireplace with comfy furnishings. The tone is a pristine white modern décor within a sparse layout. The light hued wooden floor is striking. A touch of warmth is added with various textured accent rugs with hints of Asian designs. The space is easy and refined and dynamic in a modest way.

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The kitchen is a great place to hang-out. Whether family or friends, anyone will feel welcomed in this beautifully designed rustic kitchen. The open floor plan creates an enormous space and the kitchen island is inspiring with plenty of workspace and utensils. Silver-gray appliances aggrandizes the entire kitchen by maintaining the modernistic yet country feel prevalent throughout the home.

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The bathroom is the epitome of style. The brass stand alone bathtub is high-chic complemented by a black and white tiled floor set in a unique pattern. Glistening mud-gray tiles and an upper soft-tone gray painted wall gives the bathroom a fresh, immaculate appearance.

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There are a number of bedrooms throughout the dwelling that all have a minimalistic theme with soft white linens and bits of accent pieces. The bedrooms are explicitly designed for supreme comfort with the positive stimulus of natural light and scenes of the countryside.

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Specific parts of the home have an unfinished look. These rooms are purposely designed this way with a raw untouched look emphasized by natural elements like terracotta plant pots, fruit, distressed wood, and a large white table with hints of a shabby chic appeal. The upstairs includes a long corridor that overlooks the bottom floor. It’s like a maze of twists and turns with fascinating surprises. It’s the type of home you never grow tired of because it naturally grows with you.

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