Elegant Contemporary Interior

Elegant Contemporary Interior

Where modern meets functional, this home’s design by BHDM, is truly spectacular. With stunning accent pieces, such as gold-adorned globe lighting, conventional and modern furniture with a metal-base affording a sleek-design, and simple yet appealing art pieces, any discerning eye would fixate on this excellent home.

Simple art decor with a black and white pattern design, right alongside a wood-burning fireplace, and built-in bookshelf, would make even the most discerning buyer take a second look at this exceptional home. The free-flow throughout the home, eliminates the clutter, while still affording the home that “homey”, comfortable feel any buyer in today’s market is looking for.
Step into the kitchen and dining area, where a simple, round white table, next to elegantly appointed, black cabinet finishes, and a gas-range, truly call to any professional chef, who is looking for the ideal kitchen space to create their next masterpiece. Plants, wicker baskets, and simple and elegant linens in the bedroom, help bring this property together in a way you would only imagine seeing in a home and garden magazine. Simple lighting fixtures and floor lighting help open up the space, without creating a room which appears too bright.
Simple, elegant, eclectic, yet modern, are all words you can throw around, in describing this property. Furniture is simple, yet stands through in every room of the home. An open living and dining area are inviting for family and friends to come together in the large and open space. And, an inviting living room area, with simplistic furniture and accent pieces, truly bring the space together.

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Elegant, refined, and modern, with a hint of old-home feel, come together perfectly.

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