Elegant And Sophisticated Interior Design by Benni Amadi

Benni Amadi’s San Francisco-based boutique interior design studio is driven by her belief that key to creating spaces which reflect each individual’s unique relationship with the architecture of their home are the core principles of functionality, quality and beauty.

Elegant And Sophisticated Interior Design by Benni Amadi


Born and raised in Italy, Benni brings an international sensibility to her elegant, sophisticated, classical designs. Marrying an architectural aesthetic with a passion for art and fashion, beautiful rooms are created and made comfortable through the infusion of a myriad of personal touches. Unique, customized pieces and eclectic mixes of materials, new and vintage, are boldly incorporated to express the distinctive personality and story of each space. 

Through dialogue and collaboration, Benni Amadi Interiors ensures that the transformation of the property brings the design to life, fulfilling the unique vision of each client. Dedication to maximizing the potential of even the smallest feature, an uncompromising approach to detail and the coordination, curation and supervision of a wide range of master trades ensure that the highest quality of workmanship is delivered. 

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