Elegant and Precious Parisian Interior Design

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Paris-based interior designer Anne-Sophie Pailleret is known for creating spaces that feel elegant and precious but never overdone. Her style is sophisticated and grounded in precision.

For Anne-Sophie, interior design is a pragmatic endeavor that requires solutions that are both creative and esthetic. The goal is to decorate comfortable and elegant environments that enhance the art of living. To achieve this, she searches for the perfect balance—rooms are pared to their essentials and wonderfully curated.

Parisian Interior Design

Parisian Living Room Interior Design

With this new clarity, spaces feel alive. Rooms are freed from superfluous elements that detract from comfort and liberated from visual clutter.

And always, there is light, perfectly modulated and controlled so that the overall ambiance radiates warmth.

The choice of refined materials, culled from a seemingly infinite selection, is the most fertile ground for creating an atmosphere (including stones, parchment, shagreen, rock crystal, mother-of-pearl, lacquer, bronze, metal or straw marquetry, precious woods).

Parisian Dining Room Interior Design

Well-thought out color palettes and fabric selections. Favored elements include richly textured textiles reminiscent of couture clothing fabrics, custom or vintage rugs, decorative paint effects, and custom upholstery and curtains.

Beautifully curated furnishings and decorative objects representing a wide range of time periods. Combining pieces from a variety of cultures and styles infuses a room’s decor with a timeless character and gives it soul.

Parisian Bedroom Interior Design

Parisian bedroom Interior Design 2
Parisian bedroom Interior Design 3
Parisian bedroom Interior Design 4
Parisian bedroom Interior Design

Decorative Arts and accessories are the final touch in creating a space that feels completed. To do it right, one has to be meticulous. By layering in photographs, paintings, sculptures, and other objets d’art, a room takes on personality and uniqueness. The secret is to do it discreetly, to avoid a museum atmosphere. Each piece must be able to tell its story by naturally blending into its background, for an overall feeling of harmony in a space.


Even the defects or anachronisms of a room can be turned to advantage. Sometimes, it is these very flaws that result in the most poetic details.

Rooms that are overly consistent can be boring. Anne Sophie’s goal is to delight and surprise—to trigger an emotional response.

« Being able to take risks is the ultimate luxury. Each project is a unique exploration and clients are my greatest muses. Finding harmony in different sensibilites is what makes this job stimulating ».

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