Eclectic Meets Conventional – An Elegant Captivating Style

eclectic industrial home interior style

Who would’ve thought metal beams contrasted with wood paneling could be so captivating, and truly make even an unconventional setting feel like home? Add in the wicker shaped light fixtures, and you truly have something spectacular to marvel at. In this home, a blended combination of concrete walls, metal staircases and paneling, alongside wooden beams and ornate, detailed textures, truly brings together the entire space. 

The warm, subtle material choices, along with elegant, yet refined decor, truly captivate the eye, and creates a focal point on any room you walk into in this home. Exceptionally large windows help take away from the cold, cluttered feeling, and help create an open space, rather than creating a feeling of being stuck inside an industrial plant with the concrete and metal fixtures sprawled throughout the home. Even on darker days, the large windows allow light to seep into the home, and bring in a calming ambiance for the owners to enjoy.

A subtle choice of hues and color, along with wall art, distinguished candles and light fixtures, and contrasting shape/design, helps the home come together in all aspects. Even in the bathroom nook, a large soaker tub, surrounded by drapes, creates a calming, relaxing environment, which is extremely welcoming after a long, exhausting day. Wall art, circular windows, and eclectic decor, come together to create a truly distinguished space, and a home which even the most discerning of buyers would love to purchase.

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What about the comforting material finishes throughout the home? A staircase leading to an expansive bookcase draws in the attention of the most detail oriented visitor to the home. What does this home scream? Distinguished? Comforting? Eclectic? A little bit of everything. Buyer, seller, visitor, and anyone who visit this come can truly appreciate the detail, the dedication which it took to bring together, and the sheer level of creativity, to create an inviting, comfortable, yet refined space from room to room, and nook to nook.

Images: Jean–Marc Palisse, Coté Sud, Oct.–Nov. ’08 / Found on: Haute Design by Sarah Klassen

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