Dreamy Bohemian Loft

Dreamy Bohemian Loft

The search for a new place started when Jess Levitz, graphic designer and illustrator, found out she was pregnant. The idea of loft living may not be the answer to a nursery, but she and husband Josh found it to be the right fit during this transition in their life. Now they have Izzie, and together they’ve created the perfect home for their daughter.
Jess and Josh both enjoy looking at minimal interiors, but when it comes to their own house, they simply want to be surrounded by their favorite things! It’s all about family. Unique collections fill their 850-square-foot space, exhibiting their eclectic taste, value for heirloom, and love for books.

Once you set foot on the loft, you’ll be welcomed in a bright living room, with the bedroom and nursery directly to the right. String bistro lights are hung over the loft pipes to cast a warmer light. It looks gorgeous on the high ceilings while the creative lighting effectively contrasts the typical cold feeling of an industrial loft.

The main attraction is their impressive library in the living room. The couple has incredibly over a thousand titles in their living room bookcase. Jess and Josh’s prized items, ranging from fiction to art to comic books, are organized by the last name of the author and according to genre. Massive shelves are laid out one over the other packed with a treasure of books, with more books in the hallway, and more for baby Izzie!

Dreamy Bohemian Loft 2

A cozy corner holds a 70’s retro lamp bought by Josh’s parents and handed down to them when they downsized. It’s nestled between their record player and plastic chair purchased from San Francisco, where they previously lived. The adorable living room rug is a memento of the couple’s wedding, which serves as a beautiful reminder of that day when they tied the knot.

Inside the loft is a loft bed. The particular design creates a visual separation while providing generous storage underneath. Sheer white curtains offer privacy while adding a bit of a romantic setting. The twinkle lights amidst brick walls are lovely, decorating the sleeping area while allowing the parents to check on baby Izzie in her little basket at night. Dreamy Bohemian Loft 3 Dreamy Bohemian Loft 4 Dreamy Bohemian Loft 5 Dreamy Bohemian Loft 6 Dreamy Bohemian Loft 7 Dreamy Bohemian Loft 8 Dreamy Bohemian Loft 9 Dreamy Bohemian Loft 10 Dreamy Bohemian Loft 11 Dreamy Bohemian Loft 12 Dreamy Bohemian Loft 13 Dreamy Bohemian Loft 14 Dreamy Bohemian Loft 15 Dreamy Bohemian Loft 16 Dreamy Bohemian Loft 17

A white desk in front of the window wall makes up the home office, right alongside the dog zone for their beloved pet Jack who has his very own chaise, next to the kitchen that has the best view of the sunset! As a houseplant enthusiast, Jess added greens to bring life with their attractive form and surround the home with nature’s elements. The plants add a pop of color and create a cozier and more breathable space in the otherwise industrial setting.

Images: design sponge / Photography: Ellie Koleen

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