22 Dream Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Do you intend to renovate your bedroom? Whether you are renovating or moving into a new space, you should try the farmhouse bedroom design. The farmhouse bedroom design is increasingly becoming popular because it creates a warm atmosphere in your room. We understand that everyone prefers modern, neutral, sophisticated themes for their living rooms and bathrooms, but your bedroom can have a different theme.


You can also try the farmhouse theme if you have trouble sleeping at night. Warm colors and old wooden barn rooms make your room feel safe, which helps you sleep better. Besides, designing a farmhouse bedroom is less expensive, more enjoyable, and more exciting. Picture all the old furniture and items that you can re-use, like lamps and furniture. Anyway, here are a few ideas to help you decorate your room:

Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

1. Barnwood Ceiling


This is one of the unique ideas because it is rare to find barn wood ceilings. Many people put more effort into the furniture but not the ceiling. The barn wood ceiling is enough to make your farmhouse bedroom come to reality. You can add some accents to complement the ceiling in your room, like the bedside table with the same color as your ceiling or other rustic colors.

Images: Refresh home

2. Bed Scarf

farmhouse Ruffle Chenille Bed Scarf

You can add some extra materials like scarfs or throw blankets to your bed. Bed Scarf can be of any color that matches your theme, like cream, white, boho, grey, or any other color.

Image: Ruffle Chenille Bed Scarf

3. Boho Colors

boho farmhouse bedroom

Having boho colors and patterns on your sheets or pillowcases also gives that warm feeling that you find in farmhouses. You can add contrasting colors like grey, white, and black that blend with the boho colors.

4. Exposed Wood

boho farmhouse bedroom with exposed wood

Nothing screams farmhouse theme like exposed wooden roofs. You can choose the original wooden color, rustic or dark wood color. This roof reminds us of the barn so that you can choose other shades of white for your room, like the creamy-white with a red or yellow base.

Image: the farmhouse life

5. Modern Farmhouse

modern farmhouse bedroom

The trick to creating a modern farmhouse is to ensure that everything is simple and minimal. Throw in a few farmhouse-themed decorations, colors, furniture, materials, rugs, and more while still keeping it simple. Choose contrasting colors and subtle colors for your room, like grey, black, white, navy blue, and boho. Include a rug with patterns and a piece of furniture with wooden colors.

6. Vintage Items

vintage farmhouse bedroom decor

Getting vintage items for your room is also part of the farmhouse theme. You can find one or two vintage items that capture your attention and place them in your room. An example is an old chest, which you can choose as an ottoman. One simple item can accentuate your entire bedroom.

7. Metallic Bed

farmhouse bedroom with metalic bed

One thing that I can guarantee is a metallic bed. If you don’t know where to start with your farmhouse decoration ideas, start by shopping for a black metallic bed. Black metallic beds are what old farmers used several years ago, and they are still trendy today. Since many items in a farmhouse are either wooden or have natural wood colors, a metallic med is a great way to add some metal to your theme.

8. Bed Skirt

farmhouse Bed Skirt

While shopping for bedding, find the ones that have the flare design at the bottom. The bed skirt design could be on the bedsheets or on the bedcover. You can partner the design with boho patterned pillowcases, woven throw blankets, and warm colors like brown.

Image: vintagewhitefarmhouse

9. Vintage Chandelier

French Farmhouse Bedroom with shiplap ceiling, shutters, chandelier, and rustic wood floors

Since people in the past used candle chandeliers, you can find chandeliers that resemble that structure. They are also simple, chic, and trendy in many farmhouse-themed bedrooms. These types of chandeliers match well with metal beds. However, it can also act as an accent if your furniture is wooden.

10. Tassels

farmhouse bedroom with Tassels

Yes, you can never go wrong with tassels in your bedroom. Tassels also create a farmhouse theme by complementing your other designs. People love getting curtains that have tassels. Others get a throw pillow cover or bedcovers with tassels. You can choose minimalism and go for a throw blanket with tassels.

Image: St. Augustine social

11. Headboards With Wooden Slats

farmhouse bedroom Headboard With Wooden Slats

A great way to include the farmhouse theme in your bedroom is by getting a wooden headboard. You can get a natural wooden color, dark color, or rustic headboard. The headboard accentuates the room, whether it is small or large.

Image: Erica Throw

12. Shiplap Walls Or Ceilings

Farmhouse bedroom - Bleached shiplap accent wall

Farmers in the past used shiplap wooden boards to construct barns. You can choose to create an accent wall using the shiplap. Others use shiplap on the ceiling to create a farmhouse look. Some people install wallpapers that resemble shiplap. However, if you want to experience the authentic farmhouse bedroom design, you must use natural wood for the shiplap.

13. Wooden Mirror

Farmhouse Reimagined Antique White Queen Poster Bed, $1,035.00 AT 1StopBedrooms

Wall paint color is Graystone 1475 – Benjamin Moore

Image: @bridgewaydesigns

While decorating your bedroom, don’t forget about the mirrors. Mirrors can be decorative and functional as well. You can get mirrors with wooden frames. These frames can have any wood shade as long as it matches your theme. Therefore, to achieve the farmhouse theme, you should get wooden mirrors for both your ensuite bathroom and a large mirror that accentuates your room.

14. Wicker Baskets


Wicker baskets are among the top trending house decoration items. You can use wicker baskets as a storage option and still align with your farmhouse theme. Many people get customized bedside drawers that have room left for small wicker baskets. Others get a huge wicker-themed bedside stand or one to store towels in the en suite bathroom. You can also get a wicker basket as an ottoman.

15. Wall Art

farmhouse bedroom Shiplap Walls

Do you like paintings? You can get domestic animal paintings to decorate your bedroom and also keep the farmhouse theme going. Aligning frames on top of our beds is also another option. You can choose to get pictures of animals in the frames or get wooden-themed frames.

16. Brick Wall


Nothing screams farmhouse theme like rustic brick walls. Brick walls remind us of the old farm structures. You can pick a bedroom wall and create a brick accent wall. Some people choose to get a brick. However, many people get rustic brick wallpapers.

17. Bedroom Furniture


Bedroom furniture should also complement your farmhouse theme. You can get vintage dressers or bedside stands. You can also include unique decorations or standard wooden theme colors.

18. Ladders As Shelves Or Picture Stands

farmhouse bedroom with ladder wall decor

A ladder is one item that a farmer never lacks on his farm. Therefore, people get ladders as shelves for their rooms. They can come in dark wooden colors, rustic, or standard wooden colors. Some people use them to place their products, while others use the ladder shelf to place their picture frames. You can choose to get one and put it beside your bed as a nightstand.

19. Sliding Barn Doors


If you have been to a barn, then you know that most of them have sliding doors. Therefore, people are now choosing to incorporate this design into their houses. You can also get a sliding barn door for your room or one that leads to your ensuite bathroom. These sliding barn doors make the room look chic and elegant.

20. Plants and Flowers


Your farmhouse is not complete without plants and flowers. In-house plants and flowers decorate and make your room feel alive and peaceful. When choosing the type of plants or flowers, you should also consider the type and color of the vase and pots. Nowadays, people use wicker baskets instead of pots, which leaves your room looking elegant.

21. Curtains


There are many farmhouse curtain designs that you can choose to incorporate into your bedroom. The first one is the bohemian pattern, which is an excellent contrast to a monotonous color theme. You can also get warm-hued curtains. Many farmhouse designs have plain white curtains, but you can include a chic design like ruffles.

Image: Dear Lillie

22. Lanterns


Lanterns are a vintage item that you can add to your bedroom design and will still look stylish. Instead of getting beside lamps, why don’t you get remodeled lanterns? Today, you can get electric vintage lanterns in lighting shops. You can also get one to place your favorite scented candle inside. Besides, you can get vintage bedside lamps that resemble lanterns instead of the lantern bedside lamps.

Image: Shanty 2 CHIC



Image: DIY Basket Weave Bench

Now that you have compiled a list of your favorites, you can begin decorating. You can also show your interior designer the ideas or show them some pictures. Having an idea of what you require allows you and the designer to begin work on the project as soon as possible. The key is minimalism; you don’t have to oversaturate your bedroom with all of the ideas you find on the internet, especially if you are incorporating vintage items. Otherwise, your room will appear cluttered.

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