Cowboy Heaven A Warm Rustic Retreat

Cowboy Heaven A Warm Rustic Retreat

Here is an exceptional home where you can enjoy the refreshing natural atmosphere of the mountain forest. This home, designed by Reidsmith Architects, was built using huge polished lumber from the surrounding forest and skillfully cut stone. As you move through this house, you’ll always be in touch with nature. It combines both traditional and contemporary designs and brings out the best of ancient and modern architecture and interior decoration. Take a look at the photos of the external and interior parts of the house. 

Front Patio: The huge lumbar columns, used to design the main entrance, portray both simplicity and splendor. The big lumbar columns, entrenched in polished stone, hold up the roof that has been designed to effectively handle the heavy snow in winter. Two hanging lighting fixtures are used to light up the patio and usher you into the house.

Front Elevation: Here you can see a broad view of the entire building. The entire roof and surrounding yard is covered with snow but the intricate design has made it possible to still admire the beauty of this structure even at the peak of winter.

Upper Terrace: This terrace is accessible through a stairway that takes you up directly from outside. You can also come into it from the upper floor of the house. The fireplace provides a warm and cozy atmosphere where you can relax in the evenings as you have dinner with friends and family members.

Main Living Area: The living area has a grand design. The high ceiling and cut stone fireplace gives it a majestic appearance. Lighting is provided by diverse fixtures, a central candle-lit chandelier and lamps. The sofa and hardwood floor, window frames and other furniture blend with the brown color theme. From this side of the living area, you can have a scenic view of the forest and the snow-covered mountains.

Dining Area: You can see a well polished dining set consisting of a beautiful dining table and six comfortable dining chairs. Lighting is provided by a series of small over-hanging lamps. You can also enjoy a refreshing view of the forest and mountains while you enjoy delicious meals with your family.

Kitchen and Mini bar: This mini bar is a perfect place for wine tasting. It has six comfortable bar chairs with very good back-support. Your guests can sit here and maintain a good conversation with you while you prepare a tasty meal for them. The kitchen has a traditional design consisting of wooden counter tops and cabinets.

Unique Antique Bathroom: Here’s one of the mind bogging sections of this home. This bathroom has a modern shower with glass walls but it also has a stone wall and a stone floor that serves a base for the lumbar columns that surround it. Outside the shower you can see modern ceramic tiles and a beautiful rug.

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Now it is your turn to share your views about this home. What are the most outstanding parts of this home? What do you like most about the design and what will you like to modify or remove? Please make sure you share your thoughts in your comments. Thanks.

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