Contemporary Clear Acrylic Crib That Rocks

vontemporary clear acrylic crib

If you want your new baby to sleep peacefully in a crib that will be the talk of your friends and neighbors you need to check out the Vetro Crib launched by Nurseryworks.

Manufactured entirely out of pure see-through acrylic – which is actually clearer than glass – this one of a kind crib is the first and only acrylic crib on the market. It gives doting parents a clear and uninterrupted view of their new baby. The design is patented and the Vetro Crib has curved edges and features three adjustable mattress levels. Not only is the design unmistakeably contemporary, but acrylic is almost indestructible.
Nurseryworks is producing the Vetro Crib in a limited edition, every one laser etched with its own unique factory number. At approximately 54″ long, 30″ wide and 35″ high it will fit comfortably into any modern nursery. Of course, since the crib is clear it will go with any color scheme, and you can choose a mattress to fit in whatever color suits you and baby.
Beyonce and husband Jay-Z recently chose the cool Vetro Crib for baby Blue Ivy Carter. It also graces the nurseries of Robert Downey Jr. and latterly Kim Kardashian.
We’d simply love to know what you think of the Vetro Crib. You can post your comments below or ask us any questions.

vontemporary clear acrylic crib 2

vontemporary clear acrylic crib 3

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