Color-Filled Budget-Savvy Prague Apartment

Color-Filled Budget-Savvy Prague Apartment

Black and white is a timeless classic combination. Add in some color, and you instantly bestow a splash of modernization that creates a beautiful twist in one charming home. Czech media professional, with the help of Italian partner and Stag Pads head, works on freshening up his 45-square-meter (484 sq ft) apartment while managing to stay within a small budget.

Class and sophistication blends perfectly with fun and colorful towards redesigning the entire place anew. Vibrant yellow color brings life throughout the place. Blue, aqua, grey and black colors in budget-savvy vintage finds and contemporary pieces fill in each and every room. Furniture were either fixed or reupholstered to save money without compromising quality and style. The kitchen is a pleasant sight of predominantly white cabinetry and square-tiled walls. It looks neat and clean with the pristine color and very minimal clutter visible to the eye. The scene is enhanced with bright yellow hanging light fixtures and hints of color from accessories atop the wooden counters and nature’s elements.
Color-Filled Budget-Savvy Prague Apartment 2

A remarkable theme comprised of different-sized framed wall hangings featuring all-time-favorite films, old photographs, and dabs of colors found in artwork make up the living room. The rectangular glass table is set on the center of the room on a black and white striped rug, alongside a long couch lined with patterned throw pillows. Light passing through the glass doors and windows produce a warm sun-kissed living area. The atmosphere is made fun with a round sunflower chair and a lovely bouquet of yellow roses in full bloom, with a matching similarly colored and patterned curtain. Color-Filled Budget-Savvy Prague Apartment 3 Color-Filled Budget-Savvy Prague Apartment 4

Color-Filled Budget-Savvy Prague Apartment 5

The same black and white theme is seen on the bedroom walls, desk, towering bookshelf, bed frame and sheets. A shark image is hung amidst the aqua wall centered right above the bed, where plains and prints of pillows look cozy and inviting. Grey and sheer white curtains are draped on huge windows on one side while the other side is brightened with a floor lamp shining upon a yellow side table.

Color-Filled Budget-Savvy Prague Apartment 6 Color-Filled Budget-Savvy Prague Apartment 7

Brilliant black covers the bath ceiling which matches the beehive patterned black tiles and classy rug. The large mirror incorporated in white-tiled walls and a tabletop lavatory on wooden brown and black vanity spells elegance in every way. Yellow once again brightens the place in a simple and sharp way in the form of a plant pot while the green growth of leaves and flowers liven up the bathroom.

Color-Filled Budget-Savvy Prague Apartment 8

Color-Filled Budget-Savvy Prague Apartment 9

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