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traditional formal elegant interior design
A classic interior illuminated with the beauty of the past and present is what you will find in this marvelously decorated home. If you’ve ever pondered the idea of living in a domicile with an elegant interior incorporating gentle intricacies on ceilings and windows, coupled with elegantly designed furniture draped in velvety smooth fabrics, this is the home to fulfill your dreams.

Sensible splendor united with hidden delicacies makes this home a wanderlust of interior discovery. You will have the feeling of eternity in a physical realm of beauty. For instance, magnificent high ceilings with striking chandeliers give a dramatic effect without taking a way from each room’s classical elegance. Yet, every space exudes an ambiance of sumptuousness and distinct subtly.

A traditional fireplace is refined with a symmetrical balance and mirror that reflects the breadth and intensity of the living room along with a soothing palette of ivory, mystic grays, and marble that radiates elegance throughout the home.

If you’ve ever fantasized about what elegant living is about, you’ve found it. The human scale of the space alone adds to its sophistication. There’s something about this space that speaks for itself.

For a home that’s so spacious and open, you’re guaranteed every bit of privacy with meticulously measured shutters that only add to the decorative elements of each window, entryway, and room. If you wish, a full flow of natural light is effortlessly achievable by opening the shutters to create a sea of quiet energy. The floor to ceiling windows are crowned with an archway and paned glass. It’s a breathtaking effect reminiscent of stately and noble bearing with an awe-inspiring staircase to match!

Revealed in each photo is the crispness that emanates from the architecture. Symmetrical balance resonates throughout the home. The clean yet individual lines impose formal structure in a personable way.

This home is for you if you adore decorative interior elements such as crown moldings, amazing floors designed with complex niceties and materials, luscious space, a piece of history combined with a classic interior design, together with a desire to live in a home that rewards you with finery in every room. It’s just perfect!

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1 thought on “Class and Elegant Living”

  1. Very few times have I seen such a beautiful, fine and striking decoration such as shown in this majestic house. It not only shows wonderful shades of light but has a reminiscence of past grandeur enhanced by classical and modern details.
    Congratulations to the decorator and to the owners for such accomplishment and to the editor of the magazine for her selection of material.
    Best regards from Buenos Aires, Argentina

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