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A Chic French Apartment Which Boasts Bold Interior Design Elements

Chic French Apartment

Contrary to popular belief, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with decorating your home or apartment with furniture and decorations from different eras. This chic Parisian inspired home oozes timeless style and boasts modern black and white floral wallpaper, retro 1960s style sofas and chaises, classic wood furniture, a modern wood style lampshade and a classic ornate fireplace.

This stylish French apartment also features living areas which are painted in a chic shade of cream, next to living areas which boast a dark grey paint job. This contrast of light and dark is incredibly striking and is a bold move, which may appeal to interior decorators who aren’t afraid to take a risk!
In order to create the illusion of space, each room also boasts an ornate gold mirror, which makes each room look far larger than it is and prevents the apartment from appearing cluttered.
So if you’re a bold, risk taker it’s well worth copying some of the interior design elements, which are found in this stunning Parisian apartment.

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