Charming Scandinavian Apartment With Country Style

Are you looking to blend the best of old with new while living in the charming and accommodating city of Goteborg? Antique paneling and crown molding adorn each room with decorative and historically-themed wallpaper bringing vibrancy and charm to each room. You shouldn’t be surprised to find a faux-marble column fire place incorporated into the corner of the living room or crystal chandeliers hanging over the dining room. Just because it has an antiquated feel doesn’t mean that it’s old fashioned.

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Abundant entryway closet space over original wood flooring gives way to a modern kitchen with an electric range, marble counter tops and a green range hood that matches the oven’s coloring. The bathroom features distinct art-deco tiling with a vintage, free-standing tub and a corner pocket shower. While the look is distinctly vintage, you will find plenty of storage space while enjoying the warmth that radiates from the walls, floors and radiator. For those looking to enjoy the charms of ages past while basking in the delights of modern comforts, this is the place for you.

Located in the heart of the downtown, you are well situated to walk out into the cobblestone streets and enjoy the convenience of local shops and eateries. It is a top-floor walk-up, which may confine those with limited mobility but provides a perfect view of the happenings below. With abundant lighting within the stairwell, you can use the space to give some indoor plants a welcome home. This house is located in the Haga district filled with cafes and history. Whether you’re looking to cozy up on a Winter’s night or enjoy a cup of cappuccino with a friend, there are abundant opportunities to enjoy all sorts of urban recreation.

This accommodation is fitted with the latest in cable and broadband, bringing the historic into the modern. As a two bedroom apartment, it makes for a great place for a small family, a young couple or the recently retired looking to downgrade and enjoy easy city living. Whether you’re a fan of the charming or looking for simple urban design, this easy to take care of apartment provides a welcome home in a smaller city, blending the hustle and bustle with the calm and relaxing. From the traditional wood flooring to the antique mirrors, this apartment is a step back in time while keeping pace with the demands of modern living.

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