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Charming Family Home With Rustic Beauty

Charming-Family Home With Rustic Beauty


This cozy Dutch family home provides inspiration to build an ideal winter den. It is built with a rustic interior that consists of soft blankets, fur, raw wood beams and a warm cement floor. Here’s a brief description of this unique warm winter house created by Robert Van Der Linde.

This is the staircase that leads to the basement. Bright sun rays come in through the open roof. The stairway leads you to the bedrooms, bathroom and a big walk-in closet. The staircase entrance is protected by glass, stainless steel and steel wires to prevent kids from getting injured.

This is the kitchen. It has a long chest of drawers which Robert got from a friend several years ago. He took off all the paint and gave it new life. It serves a great place to store several little accessories and sundry family items. The traditional kitchen design has a wood counter, concrete floor and nice brown polished wooden cabinets and good natural lighting coming from the two big windows.

A large portion of the wall of the living area is made of glass doors. It gives quick access to the patio and garden in summer and it allows you to stay in touch with the exterior during winter, without necessarily going outside. A lot of traditional wooden pieces are used for the dining table and living room furniture.

There is a beautiful brown leather sofa in the living room. The large thick blanket on the sofa is made out of fox skin. It fits perfectly into the winter home. The floor is made of cement to make it easy to maintain and provide a cool rustic effect. This floor is equipped with under-floor heating and it is a nice place to work on, even with bare feet, during winter. The designer has a strong preference for natural materials so he chose to use untreated beams for the ceiling.

This charming luxuriously designed rustic bedroom has several planks of wood painted white at the head of the bed. The elegant blanket on the bed is made of white rabbit skin. The bedside table is covered with reindeer skin and the wall light is shielded with horns.

When you enter this bedroom, you feel as if you have entered a white cloud of purity, the white theme gives a peaceful feeling that enhances good sleep. This white bedroom with a lot of bright natural light provides a nice contrast to the brown theme chosen for the winter home.

Would you like to spend your winter in this home? What would you have done differently in your winter home design? Please rate this home and share your ideas for an elegant traditional winter home.



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