Charming English Cottage Home Interior

Downsizing after the kids leave home doesn’t have to be a sad or upsetting event. Anyone can take this opportunity to create the cozy little home of their dreams. That’s exactly what interior designer, Jean Stoffer, did when it was time for her and her husband to downsize.

After raising 4 kids in a Victorian style home in Chicago, Jean knew exactly what she wanted to go for next. She and her husband got a smaller place in Grand Rapids Michigan to remodel into a modern English cottage home. The home is incredibly elegant, modern, and sophisticated while still having that old timey English cottage feel.

Modern English Cottage Inspiration

Jean got her inspiration from the traditional English cottage style, which she describes as more quaint than grand. The 3 bedroom cottage, however, incorporates simple and elegant lines to give it an updated look. White walls with very deep grey doors and windows give the cottage the modern feel that she loves.

The exterior of the cottage is much the same in its polished simplicity. It is white with dark trim and a few hints of natural wood that help the cottage to keep the look of modern beauty.


Modern English Cottage Decor: Metal, Wood, and Textures That Will Turn Heads

The overall motif inside this home is modest luxury – just the perfect blend needed for a modern English cottage interior. A mixture of antiques and contemporary decor help to keep this look perfectly balanced inside.

Gold light fixtures and natural wooden beams hang over a mostly white kitchen with deep grey accents. The dining room, furnished by a dining table that was gifted to Jean’s parents in 1957, also has a modern touch with gold metal light fixtures.

The living room has clean white walls and a beautiful grand piano. Touches of gold keep it feeling luxurious. White and grey paint throughout the home and in bedrooms help to keep the clean, modern feel in the rest of this contemporary English cottage. A dark green bathroom with gold fixtures is a fan favorite in this home.


Giving the Old a Facelift With a New Feel

You can take just about any old traditional style and give it modern flare with the right tips and tricks from the pros. Cleaning up some lines and adding new materials and textures can really give just about any look a contemporary makeover. This is beautifully done in Jean Stoffer’s modern English cottage home.

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