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Casual Style Interior At Its Best

Casual Style Interior At Its Best

Choose a neutral color scheme, plenty of warm textures, and a few accent pieces, and the result is what you see in this laid-back home, a relaxed style with timeless appeal. The fantastic truth about this casually designed home décor is that the color scheme is unrestricted. For example, white acts as a neutral shade. Therefore, not only additional hues, but textures and shapes bounce of white when it’s used as a foundation and the primary color theme throughout the home. There’s no limit to what can be accomplished in a home that utilizes white as its color base.

With casual décor, softer shades are more on the bright side, or at least a deep hue. For instance, in the living room area of this residence, a rich apple-green shade and denim blue colored sofa is used to balance the space. The room is somewhat invisible. It’s clear, pristine, yet lived in and welcoming. Old and new furnishings are combined to maintain a consistent flow of non-intrusive design. The layout is simple, easy, and dynamic. Yet, it remains uncomplicated and obtuse. It’s amazing how color and depth of various intensities can make such a difference in the ambiance while at the same time cognizing the space effortlessly.

Large windows and artwork in the form of prints behind glistening glass, adds a modernized feel to the space. The artwork is large and there to make a statement, albeit a subtle one. It blends gracefully in the background, but you know it’s there.

The kitchen area takes advantage of a natural stone backsplash. It’s a fantastic expression. The imperfections have been left intact, keeping the kitchen design casual and distinctive. Foliage and bright vegetables add just the right amount of color to the bright yet neutral setting. Aluminum appliances, mix-matched seating, a marble table, and suspended lighting create a quaint atmosphere for dining and entertainment.

Tall elegant white doors create a majestic entrance to the sleeping area. The white hardwood floor continues to expand the space from the other parts of the home. It’s quite lovely and totally unpretentious. The wardrobe area is neatly arranged, practical, and pure. Only what is needed is allowed, creating a space that is untouched by over stylized conceptions.

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Casual homes have simple details, textured elements, and quiet identifiable lines. Details are simple, and elements are soft. Low-luster surfaces and perfect symmetry is what classifies this beautifully designed casual home. Basic elements that merge to create a truly insouciant setting is what make this home comfortable, inviting, and unequaled.

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