Brown And Silver Elegance

Brown And Silver Elegant dining room

Shades of brown/beige merged with silver and white along with flashes of rich color and textures, creates a very interesting ambiance in this residence by Mood Works. This home is unified with various textures, colors, and furnishings to bring about a contemporary look with a homey feel. It’s affluent, but modest. Elegant but casual. It works well.

The shade brown is an earthly color, which is used heavily in this home’s decor. It’s strong, weighty, and robust. In this home, it pairs perfectly with the stainless steel appliances, white walls, and marble topped table in the kitchen area. And though brown is not a glaring hue, it can help depict a visual impact when put together with any number of textures and colors.

The dining area is modest yet vibrant with soft browns, velvety textures, dramatic drapes, together with a stunning suspended lamp/chandelier. The accent rug gives the room’s ambiance a lofty feel, while the accent rug adds the right amount of fusion of texture and practicality. The surrounding paned windows let in natural light, thereby illuminating the room with artistic flair. The furnishings are simple, elegant, and stoic, adding the right amount of contrast. The striped angular chairs and darkly hued wooden table combine to make this dining area a masterpiece of skillful design elements and components.

The open space concept carries the sophisticated yet down-to-earth theme throughout the home. The kitchen picks up this theme beautifully. The soft beige walls complements the stainless steel appliances. The space is flawlessly managed with an island radiated with suspended halogen lighting. The eating area off to the side is small and modest and takes advantage of the room’s dimensions by adding a circular table and chairs. You can’t go wrong with using certain shapes to make an area more usable. Round shapes are perfect as they are easier to maneuver around and there are no square and pointed corners.

Decorating a bedroom in brown and sliver tinted with rich hues and textures can evoke a range of moods. The décor is akin to Hollywood glamor, coupled with a 60s type feel, and topped off with sheer elegance. The shades of brown and the numerous textures and materials are key to the ambiance they exude simultaneously. The silver mirrored side tables add a subtle panache to the bedroom atmosphere. The look is understated while evoking drama and sophism.

The bathroom area is a depiction of glamor build right out of the silent movie error. It’s mystique leaves one in awe. It’s unusual to use all black in a bathroom, but it works here as the materials used are glossy and adds shimmer making the bathroom light-up and glow.

Other adorned parts of the dwelling speak for itself. The winding staircase, distinctively designed marble floors, cushy sofas, refined wall art, patterned throw pillows, and flowing drapes are all uncompromising elan throughout. The décor is an homage to fine taste and dramatic flair.

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    A house elegant and warm with this colors.

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