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Board New Kitchen Design by Snaidero


board new kitchen design by snaidero

New Kitchen Design by Snaidero lacquer kitchen BOARD by Pietro Arosio. Board featuring cedar green high-gloss lacquered doors and functional block from 90 cm in Corian. A new kitchen concept which speaks the language of comfort, warmth and airiness.

Cantilever operating unit, fully equipped for cooking, washing and food preparation activities. The structure is characterised by its extreme aesthetic lightness, thanks to the “suspended” effect generated by the worktop anchoring system.

board new kitchen design by snaider 5

The end part of the unit rests on a luminous panel that radiates a warm, uniform light for efficiently illuminating the operating zone. The illumination function can be modulated as desired by means of the touch control technology

board new kitchen design by snaider 6

The operating unit is equipped for washing and cooking activities. It incorporates a waste bin for collecting organic waste. The snack top of the block is available in teak wood.

board new kitchen design by snaider 2

The entirely suspended operating unit thanks to a self-supporting structure allowing it to unfold from the storage area, so that the user can enjoy complete freedom of movement when preparing and cooking dishes while using two operating zones capable of working in parallel.

The project started by reconsidering the kitchen’s operating area, so as to fully enhance its functionality and comfort, while creating a lighter aesthetic and structural impact through a sober yet dynamic design blending into the surrounding environmen

board new kitchen design by snaider 4

Board specifically aims to offer an industrial solution to the evolution in the contemporary housing industry, which tends to increasingly propose and build compact environments.

board new kitchen design by snaider 3

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