BedUp mobile loft bed

Have you seen this amazing bed?! It would be great for a spare room, or a tiny house or cottage where you want space and sleeping area. The Bedup seems to provide it all!

Imagine the possibilities of extra space with this type of bed in every room?! You could have your office space back, or a playroom for the kids so they stop using the living room to spread their annoyingly loud toys around.

BedUp is a French creation that solves the problems with traditional beds and fold out beds. It takes up much less space and can be put up out of the way fast and easy.

This bed can stop at any height that you want or need it to be. It can be a loft bed in a child or teens bedroom. It can be stopped higher so you don’t have to move the rooms furniture or desks to use the bed, or it can be lowered to almost the floor.

BedUp mobile loft bed 2 BedUp mobile loft bed 3 BedUp mobile loft bed 4 BedUp mobile loft bed 5 BedUp mobile loft bed 6 BedUp mobile loft bed 7 BedUp mobile loft bed 8

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