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Beautifully Unique Home interior

Like fresh construction, remodeling too does give room for almost limitless possibilities. This redesigned apartment lays credence to this statement. The boldly patterned tiles, the bedroom windows with their floor to ceiling tiles as well as the kitchen cabinetry painted in deathly black, all point out to an exploratory journey that the remodeling process was, and, portray the house as a livable living space everyone would love to own.

This apartment gets inspiration from some of the best boutique hotels in New York. The highlights of the house such as the kitchen, breakfast nook, bedroom the spacious living room, all have evidence of this. The kitchen has a lot more than just the unorthodox black cabinetry. The black mopboard cabinets do compliment the custom butcher-block counters and colorful tiles mounted over the white farmhouse sink with its Waterworks faucets. Other notable fixtures in this kitchen are the pendant-style lights and the cabin beams that support the ceiling.

Close by the kitchen is a breakfast nook furnished with a vintage table and a rattan side chair. These, as well as the Eaton banquette, accentuate the general style that is both comfortable and surprising. The wide planks and uneven pines on the floors covering the house help create a subtle rustic feeling. The dishwasher does somehow stand out but that again is the beauty of style; it looks just as beautiful despite it being slightly out of place.

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The living room is a mix of comfort and sophistication. It is not only warm and inviting but also intellectually appealing especially because of the aptly placed in-wall double bookshelf. The highlights of this living room are the white comfortable sofa, elegant coffee table, regal chairs and the rug beneath these. The color scheme here is a simple mix of cream and purple, which best complements the bright white on the walls and ceiling.

The main attraction in the living room does remain the double bookshelf, and not just for the intellectual feel it helps create but also because of its design, which welds perfectly into the planks of the adjoining walls. The reading lamp nearby, red neon chair and the pieces of artwork ensconced therein, do a great work at creating a light mood while also improving aesthetics.

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The bedroom has many attractive bits. The antique-like mirrors, cozy bed, side tables, glass-topped stool by the bed and the artwork that adorn the fireplace, all create a blend that is all so natural and lovable. The entire house indeed oozes this lovable style created by blending various fixtures as well as pieces of furniture.  Beautifully Unique Home interior 11 Beautifully Unique Home interior 12 Beautifully Unique Home interior 13

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Image credit: Emily Johnston

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    Allen McGee

    This home is the ideal not only for me, but also for almost everyone. I specially like it’s wallpapers and sofa set. I want to make my home like this, simply a dream home.

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