Beautifully Balanced Contrast

home interior Beautifully Balanced Contrast

This is the home where the opposites come together in a beautiful yet elegant manner. Everything from the furniture to the spaces come together so well that it creates a whole world of difference in terms of look. There are different kind of chairs which come from different eras. These have been arranged to play together by arranging them in a carefully selected range of colors such as gray, black, white and brown in addition to a few pink and reddish shades. This brings a surprisingly good look to the home in addition to an interesting balance of tension.

The benefits of this style is that there is no limit as to what you can do with colors, shades, textures and space. Everything is allowed and you can combine different colors and objects from different eras. This creates a time contrast kind of feeling to your interior and will amaze everyone that comes visiting.

The home also makes creative use of space for storage. Having moved in several years back, the occupiers had to adapt to living in half the space that they were used to. This meant having to create more creative storage spaces in the home as well as recycling. This made use of things such as old windows from the floor to the ceiling in order to build a whole cabinet.

With a keen contrast between the walls and the living space, this design has a sense of space and cleanliness. Even with furniture, floor and walls contrasting with each other, the final look is still interesting and very stylish to look at. The colors have been carefully balanced to create a focal point in some areas of the room.

The walls are brightly colored in order to add a sense of neatness to the design. These contrast directly with the floor below which is a gray color. The design also makes use of a lot of whites and blacks in order to spruce up the living space.

All in all, the interior design of this house makes use of recycling and an everything goes approach to enhancing the look of the home. Creativity comes in very handy in achieving the right balance of colors without falling into chaos. A lot of the things that are in the house have been rebuilt from other materials hence acting as a good way to reuse old furniture to create new items. This reduces the overall cost of the decoration while still achieving that artistic look.

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Images: BOLIG

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