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A Holiday House on the Terrace

beautiful scandinavian veranda


Have you ever dreamed of having a holiday in a warm and cozy home on a terrace? That dream can be fulfilled in this kind of cottage house. This home started as a simple windscreen; but it has been developed, by a Scandinavian couple, through sheer desire and creativity, into a well furnished holiday home.

This home is situated on a cliff in Sunnmore, Norway. From this home, you can easily look through the large glass windows and enjoy a wonderful view of mountains and Norwegian fjords.

The home has a chic Scandinavian design. It has a neutral color theme, with a lot of distinct white, gray and black color contrasts. The white and driftwood colors, that are used to paint the walls and ceiling, blend nicely with the stunning external scenery. If you look closely at the combination of natural materials and colors, you will notice that they have a warm and soothing effect. The overall effect is calm, relaxing and rejuvenating.

A Refreshing View: This is the living area, or probably the main viewing area, where you can catch a good glimpse of the stunning scenery outside. The two outdoor chairs were renovated with black paint. A black and white hand-knitted throw pillow makes them look quite attractive. The center table is an old bread box once used in a bakery. The wooden cabinet tucked away in the corner can be used to store charcoal and firewood for the fireplace.

Cozy Fireplace: The fireplace is meant to provide warmth and it can be used for cooking. During winter, it keeps the home warm and cozy while during summer it will be used mainly for cooking.

Sit Down and Relax: These two soft leather chairs and nice decorative pillows provide the warmth and comfort needed for you to have a long chat with your spouse while you sip your favorite drink. A nice black overhead shelf has been attached to the wall – a nice place to place decorations and wine glasses.

This view shows most of the items in the living area. The fireplace, the wall decorations, chairs, the improvised center piece and the white pendant lamp are all designed to fit the neutral color palette and create a warm and relaxing atmosphere.

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