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Beautiful Home in Baleares

Beautiful Home in Baleares

Treasure Island, one of the most beautiful properties on the Balearic Islands, combines traditional Mediterranean architecture with a contemporary twist. The building was designed and is owned by interior designer Damian Sanchez, strategically located on the island of Mallorca with its stunning hillside views. Palm trees adjourn the large outside pool, which is surrounded by wooden decking and plenty of shrubbery. The natural stone walls of the main property blend in well to the landscape, and there is plenty of space for welcoming guests or lounging in the sun.

Living areas

Contemporary art is the focal point in the main living area, with a large pink-and-white canvas print adjourning the far wall. The fireplace has a steel front, and coffee tables designed by Sanchez provide a homely touch. There is a red-and-black sculpture which stands proudly (designed by Carlos Evangelista). Brightly-colored cushions provide a splash of color and natural light from outside fills the interior space.

Entrance hall

The natural theme continues inside the property, which has plenty of rustic charm. The entrance hall is full of personality – great for welcoming friends – with a large contemporary wall print instantly catching the eye. It’s details like this that make the interior space of Treasure Island so unique, with modern artwork and decorative features jostling for space with older, more traditional elements. The rest of the entrance hall features African pots from the Marita Segovia Gallery, perfectly positioned at the foot of old chipped-stone steps. 

Kitchen and bedroom

Natural stone-colored fabrics fill the private bedroom, which has an open-plan bathroom and plenty of light from outside. In the kitchen, lamps hang from the ceiling to illuminate a long dining table, with space for twelve lucky guests. A large mirror, pine cupboard, and stone wall design provide the finishing touches, while a collection of ceramic plates line the wall which supports the kitchen sink.

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