Beautiful Contemporary Yet Warm House

contemporary warm home interior

Ever thought about transforming a house for a new look and functionality? Well, this is exactly what has been done to this house. The house was once an office but the transformation took it from that and made it into an open and personal attic.

There is high contrast in the interior design of the house with white walls broken with black woodwork for that amazing look. The spaces in the house have been combined and can be used for various applications. The kitchen and the dining room are unified and have a huge window that overlooks the terrace. The kitchen is equipped with all that you may require and is organized in a long lacquered front.

Contrast also plays an important role in this house’s decoration. The kitchen is contemporary lines and materials while the dining table is almoneda situated in a framework of wood trim which the owner decided to keep during the transformation.

All the doors in the house are sliding doors. The door between the kitchen and the living area is glazed so as to allow the passage of light and seeing between the two areas. The bedroom, bathroom and a walk in closet are located in a corner of the house which has a window facing south and another one facing west. This bathes the entire place in light and provides an amazing view. 

There is also a terrace with wooden floorboards which runs parallel to a huge portion of the house. The interior and the exterior of the house are connected by large windows and sliding glass doors in order to provide for great clarity and an amazing view of the outside. The terrace is great for spending time with the family and has a great view of the outside.

The lounge is also another place that has seen careful redesign and overhauled decoration. There are shelves along the wall and paintings to brighten up the whole look. There is also plenty of floor space for movement and brings an overall clean and comfortable look to the lounge.

The textiles in the house are in warm colors which fits perfectly with the light that pours in through the window brightening up the entire place. All in all, this house provides a great view of the outside as well as providing privacy with the sliding glass doors without blocking the passage of light into the house.

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Images: El Mueble

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