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When the Barn Comes Alive

When the Barn Comes Alive

Save for the exquisite-looking windows, the exterior of this barn designed by Barlis Wedlick, looks average. Maybe, slightly more than average from the point of view of a casual eye. In fact, the drab dark hue used in the exterior, gives it the somber outlook of a jet hangar. However, all that remains out because the interior is anything but drab. The walls consist of structural insulated panels dressed in charred cedar. These walls as such, are not only sound have an enchanting feel on the inside.

The wide and open living room cum bedroom presents a unique plan with only half a wall emerging from the platform comprising the master-suite bedroom. The floor is polished wood that compliments the rustic nature of the entire structure. The simple staircase that leads to the raised platform that makes the master bed, also adorns the same polished wood used on the floor. The sturdy wooden beams placed strategically all over the house, adds to the beautiful house’s structural integrity.

This barn house has a collection of furniture that is beautiful as it is minimalist. These vintage pieces all have a color scheme that accentuates the minimalist nature of the house’s décor, and, they heighten the roomy and comfortable nature of all the living areas. Moreover, introducing the shaker style bench set by the bedroom platform, brings to life, and affirmatively asserts the rustic nature the interior depicts.

Everything about the remodeled barn house is functional; from the minimalist but stylish furniture, to the particular décor in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and lofty bathroom. The kitchen area for instance, is open and spacious with a simple island furnished with two kitchen stools. The lovely counter top, the island top, and the clutter-free tone they set speaks of an easy ambiance that is very suitable for serving easy meals.

The opulence of the living room and bedroom windows serves to illuminate the house with ample natural light. Considering that the walls are insulated panels, the windows play a great role in air conditioning too, especially in the summer.

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The white walls, ensconced bookshelf by the stairwell leading to the bedroom and the attic-like second bedroom, all exude a mix of contemporary and rustic ambiance. Usually, such a delicate combo is not easy to pull off, but in the case of this barn house, it comes out beautifully. Indeed, every architectural and interior detail of this house speaks of not only functionality but also aesthetics highlighted by the tactile experience that each item expresses. It is a stunning work of art.

Images: dwell, Photo by Brian W. Ferry

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