Ayazpasa House by Autoban


Ayazpasa House, a great work by Autoban.

Ayazpasa House has an extremely high ceiling, a dramatic feature that set the scene for the design of the rest of the space. Each room was given its own stunning focal point. The treatment of the walls is varied throughout the main living areas, some walls scraped to reveal layers of paint applied over the years, some covered in white tiles. The kitchen has an ornate gold ceiling as its central feature, with the designs at floor levels simple in – form – all the appliances are integrated in single larg marble block. Wood is used for the cupboards for a stunning contrast of materials, while providing a breath of warmth to the space. The marble bathroom bears a strong reference to Hammam culture, and futures a massive washbasin with brass legs and a thick marble framed mirror hanging above. The bedroom features a hidden storage area cleverly concealed by a wall panel behind the bed. Ayazpasa_House_by_Autoban_modern 2 interior_design

Ayazpasa_House_by_Autoban_modern 3 interior_design

Ayazpasa_House_by_Autoban_modern 4 interior_design

Ayazpasa_House_by_Autoban_modern 6 interior_design

Ayazpasa_House_by_Autoban_modern 7 interior_design

Ayazpasa_House_by_Autoban_modern 5 interior_design

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