Awesome Atmospheric White Attic Loft

Awesome Atmospheric White Attic Loft

Awesome atompospheric attic space designed by Atelier Feuerroth. Feuerroth represents the Ouverture, a contemporary style of attic design suitable for small wooden homes. Most lofts are used as extra space for storing old or unwanted household stuff. However, this doesn’t mean that they should look dreary. Proper arrangement ensures that there’s enough space in the room and that it is easy to clean. A bed can be placed just beneath the corner window, flanked on one side with the wall for protection against cold weather commonly experienced in open spaces. 

With Ouverture design, your bike is usually hanged from the wall and there’s also a white, round, multifaceted piece of clothe at the ceiling to enhance light effects. A small rug can be placed next to the entrance for wiping shoes before entering the loft, this helps in preventing accumulation of dust. On the opposite window, you can place a desk and laptop to handle a few office chores. The best thing about this artwork is that it makes use of all space within the room.

White is the most dominant color in this design and it can be seen in the pillows, beddings and furniture. Readers would also appreciate a set of two open-end bookshelves placed at opposite corners of the attic, one near their window and another at the center. A zigzag lamp-stand can also be set next to the bedding to provide light and warmth at night. Moreover, a step from it rests three balls of fabric, the biggest one sitting at the very corner and providing extra illumination especially during dark and cloudy days. It’s flanked with two smaller orbs on either side which provide aesthetic appeal. A short white curtain may also be hung from the left roof corner; this gives the loft a sense of partition and order. Those who have enough space may place a brown flurry mat just behind the table and chair, with pillows for extra comfort.

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